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  • Robert M Robert M Oct 3, 2011 14:39 Flag

    Interesting ...............

    Well now, if all it takes is a transfer to be labelled as a "salary mercenary", here are some others you might want to "weed out":

    and so on

    Obviously you can keep Gerrard. He didn't transfer to Liverpool for a pay-rise. he stayed at Liverpool for a pay-rise.


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    • Ok, so, let's see if we've got this straight Robert:
      Reina - Villareal 2005, Still w/ Club
      Kuyt - Feyenoord 2006, Still w/ Club
      Adam - BLACKPOOL, will be with this club
      Henderson - SUNDERLAND, will be with this club
      Bellamy - Basically unattached, 2 years to prolong his career
      Suarez - AJAX ......""""""
      *** Meireles - Porto 1 year, left because he felt he was due more money

      You're comparing him to players who were all at smaller club a few of which smaller leagues, joined Liverpool, a much bigger club which obviously signifies a raise in pay, BUT have either stayed with the club and paid their dues, or have recently joined with Liverpool being their future. Toss in Enrique, Downing and Caroll too. I could potentially see an issue if they don't reach the expectations in the next 2-3 years with Suarez, but the rest of the named will be at Liverpool for years to come. Now, here's the following list of players from Chelsea who fit the bill of the point you try to make:


      Oh, and John Terry didn't transfer to Chelsea for a pay raise, he stayed at Chelsea for a pay raise. (ie- Man City 2009)

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      • You must not attempt to ever correct robert , Jason , as he knows all and sees all. He lives on the Liverpool board just to constantly tell us what LFC is doing wrong. Never assume that he is a smug pompous little ass that cannot stop bragging about his chelskite side since the gangster embezeller Abramovich started shelling out money in an unfair manner. Genius robert can even see into the future......why I recall that quite recently he predicted a 3-1 chelskite win over manUre ( Hmmmm , perhaps thats a bad example given that manure actually beat the chelskites 3-1 ) , but never doubt....wee robert is a self-confessed genius. He can tell you any number of bad things about Liverpool FC. And brag.........why the lad can brag out Abramovich's millions until the cows come home.

      • "the rest of the named will be at Liverpool for years to come"

        Maybe, but you don't know that, of course, and you probably would have said it of Torres and Meireles.

        My point was merely that to throw names at players who leave you for another club while thinking that all your own players who arrived from other clubs are angels is very two legs good, four legs bad, or vice versa (can't remember). These days nearly all players at the big clubs have come from other clubs. Yours aren't any more virtuous than mine and mine aren't any more virtuous than yours. There's a tendency among some around here to rubbish players who leave. I think it's a mistake.


    • Robert....correct me if Im mistaken BUT...didnt Raul Mereilles hand in a transfer request on last day of transfer window ? Its common knowledge here as it should be amongst the faithful at The Bridge that Mereilles had a beef with the club over the fact that he claimed hed been :promised: a renegotiation of his existing ...thats existing....contract and was aggrieved when... he said....
      this :promise: wasnt wasnt fulfilled ? There was NOTHING in writing that indicated this promise had ever been made by anyone at the club with the authority to make such a :promise:
      Its a certainty that Mereilles is on a better salary than he was at Anfield so therefore has improved his own financial position at the expense of being categorized by many as a :salary-mercenary: with no loyalty but then how can any of us expect loyalty from a ...mercenary ??? He had signed his contract with us less than a year ago ..... good luck when he wants to renegotiate his contract at The Bridge after a few decent performances this season.
      btw ...Charlie Adam is a good professional and had an agreement with Holloway at Blackpool FC that they wouldnt stand in his way should he remain with them to end of season then he was free to go...Charlie agreed and refused to speak a single word to the press against Holloway or the club and continued to do his level best each game to keep Blackpool FC in the Prem. Blackpool FC and LFC seem to have a good relationship as Lancashire neighbours and Charlie got his move as ...PROMISED...Seems to me we are seeing in this saga a degree of loyalty and honorable behavior completely absent in the Mereilles episode.

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      • There seems to be a pattern emerging of Liverpool players unhappy at LFC and moving on, three of them to Chelsea. If you want to label someone who believes he has a verbal agreement with his employer as a "salary mercenary" when they perceive that the agreement has been broken and they ask for a transfer, that's up to you. But it's really only adding insult to injury.

        Maybe we should all agree to be happy that you've lost players who you now say you glad to be rid of, when before they left you thought were wonderful, whilst we've got players who will help us to more success.


      • Robert...suggest that if u wish to make such infantile claims that anyone being transfered from one club to another Im labeling a :salary-mercenary: then better u remain on your own clubs board and conduct your verbal jousting with other undereducated morons
        unable to debate sensibly about football matters...or try the Man.
        Uniturd board u might find many possessed of a similar IQ level as u self there.