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  • mel n mel n Sep 25, 2011 03:33 Flag

    Interesting ...............

    That Raul Meireles moves to Chelsea and promptly consigns Lampard to the subs bench yet he was not good enough to make our starting 11 ahead of Henderson.

    Something somewhere does not add up.

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    • Well, thank you! I'm going to put that on the short-list for my epitaph.


    • Now, now ladies, no need to tear each other's undies over this.

      Robert does have a point, players change clubs all the time and vilifying them and calling them mercenaries is a bit over the top. I can understand if it is the club's icon that leaves (e.g Torres) coz supporters will have invested a lot of love and adoration on that particular player and the only way they can deal with the departure is to hate that player. But for average to above average players like Meireles, shrugging off the so called "betrayal" is the best way to deal with it.

      As for the attacks on Robert, they are an over-reaction to be honest, as far as Chelsea supporters go he is not that bad.

    • mel n... Mereilles whatever u may have thought of him as a player was a typical :salary-mercenary: and joining Chelski appealed to him because the numbers in his paypacket were higher than he was getting from us ...end of.
      For the record thought he was a pretty decent player for us but....nothing Great. Think KK made the right decision to be rid of him...hope he can continue to weed out any other salary-mercenaries still lurking about on the clubs payrole.

    • i actually think u would have been better off keeping him.

      he is better than henderson & adams.

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      • spursbabe...good win against the Gooners yesterday ! Now to this thing about Mereilles....exactly how many games have u seen Charlie Adam play this season ? Further to this exactly how many games have u seen Henderson play for us ?...Did u see Charlie Adam playing for Blackpool last season when he undid your lot at Bloomfield Rd 3.1 wasnt it ? Did u see Jordan Henderson play for Sunderland last season ? How many 90 minute spells have u seen Mereilles actually play before passing u opinion on to us that we should have kept him because he is :better than Adam or Henderson: ? BTW...Charlie Adam was highly instrumental in both games as Blackpool did the :league-double: over us last season, Kenny obviously saw something in him that u dont eh ?
        Walker looks like a real talent for your lot but havent seen too much of him so will reserve any judgement on who he may be :better than:....

    • mel n...what didnt add up was the salary he got at Anfield as opposed to what he could trouser at Chelski...end of story. We are well rid of him , he was just another :salary-mercenary: and Kenny did a fantastic job ridding us of the bulk of that lot before kick off.
      Anybody left at Anfield thinks all they are here for is to simply show up at the ground and collect their salary Im sure KK will have em down the road asap too...and quite right too !

    • Maybe he suits their style better..If so.. good luck to them..

      You've gotta remember Meireles was a player Boas knows.. so little wonder he jumped at the chance to nab him from us..

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      • Yes, it's not quite as simple as Meireles keeping Lampard out. We also have Mata who, to me, ranks with Aguerro as one of the buys of the season so far.

        If you subscribe to the rather OTT hack's view of Lampard being finished then you should bear in mind that the other players keeping him out of the midfield in the last couple of matches have included Mikel, McEachran, Romeu and Ramires. It's probably not as simple as his surname not starting with the right letter but I suspect rumours of his death have been rather exaggerated.