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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Sep 30, 2011 13:20 Flag

    Being realistic...

    Right lets be adult about this issue of a new stadium..

    It would be easier on both LFC's & Everton's accounts if we did build a joint stadium..

    It works for Milan.. we all know how fierce those both teams are towards each other are in terms of rivalry..

    As are LFC & Everton.. We could have one side of the stadium in red the other in blue.. and just rotate fixtures so it never clashes for either team..

    I know many of you are opposed to this idea, but take your dislike for either team out of the equation, and recognise the business argument for such a venture..

    1. Reduced cost for both teams.
    2. A truly world class stadium for both teams 70.000+ all seater..

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    • Anfield may be a dump (your words) but it isn't China. In this country we have laws which prevent sporting venues in collusion with the council just throwing people out of their homes. I wouldn't expect all the homes in the nearby streets to be even owned by the council - the people of Liverpool have had the right to buy for nearly thirty years just as the rest of the country has and Scousers will have taken advantage of Thatcher's policy just as everyone else has.

      I think you can be pretty certain that FSG and the council could not have done a deal to pull down surrounding streets of houses.


    • I dont know if anybody noticed but Everton dont have any money at all. They spent zilch in the transfer market despite pulling in £10m for Arteta. Moyes doesnt even expect to get that to spend in January. How exactly are we going to build a stadium with them even if we wanted to?!

    • armchair...think its a case of too many people with houses that would obstruct development of the Anfield stadium not wanting to sell. Ideally if we could expand to say a 70,000 capacity at Anfield that would do for me. I just think that if we are going to move we have to accept that fact and get on withit break ground and get a stadium built...THE TOXIC TEXAN TWOSOME set us back years with their empty promises of a new stadium. IF the only option for having a new 80,000 seater was to share with the bluenoses then Im not against it ...its a better option than remaining in the current stadium with a capacity of only 45,000 which means we are falling behind our rivals financially by the week every season that goes by when we still havent broken ground on building a new stadium.
      IF the new owners can eventually manage to build us a new super stadium then Id love to see a design that paid hommage to the original standing Kop by building a steep goal End Kop that housed 30,000 in close proximity to goal as with the original Kop back when Anfield was truly a fortress and the roar from that terrace packed with passionate fans would drown out Concorde !!!

    • Putting aside the emotional side of the issue as you've suggested (which I don't think you easily can do) there is still significant issues in partnering with Everton from a business standpoint.

      The main problem is that this would not be a partnership of equals. I don't say that as slight on the Blues, but as a statement of fact. Both Milan teams have similar followings, similar attendance records, and similar commercial interests. The same cannot be said of LFC and EFC.

      Put this way, take a look at the various proposals for new stadia for both clubs over the years. LFC has consistently looked to build a state of the art 60K plus stadium, while Everton have elected for a much more modest new home. So if we combined would Everton be willing to pay for half a stadium they don't need? Would LFC subsidize extra capacity for a rival?

      What about revenue from outside game day receipts? Are those shared equally? What about ticket prices, are these set in stone no matter who is playing, or does one club or the other have the right to change them based upon demand (which is how most businesses price their products or services). What happens in a dispute, or if one or the other does not want to or cannot pay the bills?

      The emotional question of both set of fans not wanting to share with a rival maybe the biggest hurdle, but it certainly is not the only one.

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      • You raise very good points there Steer.. so as you've both Milan sides share a similar following.. Same isn't true of both Liverpool teams.. and also you maybe right about EFC wanting a more modest stadia which would go against our aspirations..

        So then what we left with is then selling the Anfield ground & associated rights..

        Would that then be enough? So lets assume we sell rights and Anfield plot..

        Where would we play in the meantime? Or would we make an agreement that we sell rights etc.. and sell the land but developers can only move in once the new stadium is built?..

    • I never ever ever want to share a stadium with everton. ever! Are you suggesting we rent a bit to them? Because they certainly can't contribute anything to the costs of building. You say it works for Milan.....does it? Have you seen the pitch at the San Siro by December, its sh*te! F*ck everton why should we give a t*ss?

    • armchair...been saying exactly the same thing for years....get it settled now and build the stadium sell the existing grounds to developers and put the money raised towards the new stadium.
      No point in doing this if the stadium is anything less than an 80,000 seater ...think how often it would be full most games if the price was right particularly at the two goal Ends....could even see a return of real PASSION as many of the older REAL supporters return with their sons and daughters ?
      Thoughts ?