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  • Loki Loki Oct 5, 2011 20:01 Flag

    The stadium issue

    The owners get a 10 out of 10 from me for sorting out the playing and coaching side, but on the stadium issue a mere 5. Maybe I am doing them an injustice, so you guys can put me straight on a couple of points:

    1) Did they not say there would be an announcement within 6 months after taking over?
    2) Have they not already said Anfield can't be redeveloped so why the pontification, why not just announce that a new stadium is gonna be built?

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    • you would only fill it for a derby game....you need us more than we ever need you..........

      19 19 19....

    • you would only fill it for a derby game....you need us more than we ever need you..........

      19 19 19....

    • I don't know if they set a timeline for an announcement or not. To be honest I don't remember one, but you could be right. But what I do remember is they clearly said they would not rush, nor promise what they could not deliver, and ultimately would be judged on their actions not their words.

      But, at the end of the day while we'd all like progress, I think its more then clear why ground has yet to be broken. Simple fact is the financial markets still if not broken, are far from healthy and therefore not ideal for long term capital investment programs.

      We might wish we had owners who could reach into their pockets and pull out enough cash to build a new stadium, but we all knew that is not what we were getting. Instead we knew we were getting owners who were willing to write off our debt, invest in the club, and try to do the right thing in terms of the long term stadium needs.

      So on assessments I'd agree full marks on the playing side. They've got the right manager, the right staff, and invested in players that will take us forward not just now but into the future.

      But on the stadium side I'd say the course is not complete rather than have to give a final mark. 3 things I think need to be in place before they can move forward financially, or at least 2 out of 3. First is the return of CL football and the guaranteed income in brings. A further uptick in commercial revenues, on which with the sponsorship deal, new kit deal and other ventures they've made great progress, but still have more to do, and finally the markets need to be at a point where we can borrow at reasonable rates so investment in the club is a stable proposition not a destabilizing one.