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    ..''Liverpool owner John W Henry admits he knew "virtually nothing" about the club or English football before Fenway Sports Group took it over.


    But when asked what he knew about Liverpool and English football before being alerted to the club's financial difficulties last August, the 62-year-old said: "Very little. We knew virtually nothing about Liverpool Football Club nor EPL (the Premier League)."

    Tom Werner of FSG, who is now Liverpool's chairman, also had limited knowledge of the Reds.

    "I had been in sports so I was aware of the EPL and its strength globally," Werner said.

    "But I didn't know the inner workings of it. I certainly knew about Manchester United."


    Classic..............you couldnt write this script, you really couldnt....

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    • Please Sean grow up you've never been to Fivemiletown in your life you've never met me face to face to spout your dribble you are a wee 16 year old boy and I'm ashamed for letting a maggot like you even get under my skin yawn!

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      Sean seek Medical advice it’s ringing lots of bells!!

    • Any luck with that for sale sign over at Goodison? Must be getting rusty now it’s been out so long. Seems people who know about English football or even those who don't are staying well away from you.

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      • hahahahahahha

        how would you know, you've never even been to Liverpool..!!


      • Mind you, the Average American Sports fan, or American in general knows little to nothing about Soccer (football), aside from kicking a ball, let alone Europe, and the English Premeir League...

        That's old news anyways pal, you must be really bored to just be digging that up now, and by the way did you come across any of his interviews or sit downs where he explains the countless hours he's spent learning the game, calling people in the game, and observing not only the EPL and his Club, but acknowledging how impressed he is by the model in which clubs like Barcelona are built and his aspirations to build LFC in a similar mold through youth and an academy...

        Guess you've really, well and truly got nothing better to do.. maybe keep an eye on this Saturday's fixture at Stamford Bridge and leave the slapstick and stupidity to a BIG rival, as in United, who are assuredly going to win by at least 2 goals you say...