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  • Jason Jason Oct 13, 2011 14:26 Flag

    10 for United..!

    10. - Back 4? - Everyone is fine according to KK, but with a few having been injured, I prefer and guess Kelly - Carra - Skrtel - Enrique

    9. - Formation? - 4-2-3-1, definitely must try to control the center.

    8. - Carroll starts? - Yes. I'd like to see him have a go at O'shea/Jones.

    7. - Outfield Setup? - Lucas/Gerrard, Kuyt-Suarez-Downing, Carroll

    6. - Player who must step up? - Downing, I'd really like him grab an assist or goal, work the wide areas.

    5. - Surprise Starter? - Adam. I'm wondering if KK will prefer him to Kuyt or Carroll..

    4. - Utd player who worries you? - Well.. a few, but Nani is in terrific form, and is scoring from all over the park.

    3. - Impact Sub? - Bellamy, has to be. Injected pace and life into the Everton match.

    2. - Where to hurt Utd? - I'd target whoever plays RB (Smalling/Jones) and the right CB, presuming Rio is fit. Heavy doses of Downing, Suarez, Carroll.

    1. - Prediction Time? - I always say it, but karma really bothers me here. With Stevie back, and remembering last year, I'll say a thriller, 3-2. Suarez, Carroll, Kuyt. Hernandez, Nani

    Subs: Doni, Agger, Glen, Adam, Bellamy, Jordan, Maxi

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    • O'Shea ? Bin Dippers 1 United 3

    • 10. - Back 4? - I agree its Kelly, just a little too soon for Johnson as he'll be short of match fitness

      9. - Formation? - 4-2-3-1, Agree its the center that will decide this one

      8. - Carroll starts? - I'm of two minds, but I don't think so. Suarez up top with Gerrard behind him

      7. - Outfield Setup? - Lucas/Adam, Kuyt-Gerrard-Downing, Suarez

      6. - Player who must step up? - Adam. We need to dominate the center and make sure we cut off supply to the Utd flanks when we don't have the ball. Adam along with Lucas need a big game both sides of the ball.

      5. - Surprise Starter? - Carroll. But, another surprise would Gerrard starting, but in place of Kuyt on the right

      4. - Utd player who worries you? - Your rights, lots of options, but its Nani and Young who I think can hurt us the most. We must limit the supply to quality balls they latch on to, and make sure they are not given space

      3. - Impact Sub? - Bellamy, also.

      2. - Where to hurt Utd? - I'd also target down the right. Evra is a quality LB, but think he's gone missing many times this season. Out of position and not tracking back. Sustained pressure from Kuyt and Suarez could really pay off.

      1. - Prediction Time? - Home win for the mighty reds, I don't care the score, or who bangs them in.

    • Just before I started Jase, You have put down a 4-2-3-1 formation but with those players you have listed, that is technically a 4-4-2. Suarez always drops off Carroll and looks to get in and around him so would effectively be 2 up top. I cant really envisage Kuyt and Downing starting from a level area to him, they will nearly always reset in front of the full backs.

      10. - Back 4? -Kelly - Carra - Skrtel - Enrique, nailed on and a 100% certainty

      9. - Formation? - 4-3-3 or 4-5-1, whatever we want to call it! Defintely 3 central players

      8. - Carroll starts? - No, ideally I would like to see him wear down the centre halves then bring Bellamy on late on but I think we should revert to 1 up top. Errrrr, not so sure Sunderlands O'shea will have to much of an impact :)

      7. - Outfield Setup? - Lucas/Adam in the middle, gerro in behind Suarez, Kuyt and Downing/Bellamy wide

      6. - Player who must step up? - Kelly, is definitely going to be the target for the swapping Nani/Young

      5. - Surprise Starter? - Bellamy, not been on international duty so should be fresh

      4. - Utd player who worries you? - Rooney, doesnt have the best record against us but we know what that ugly git has in the locker! Will go 1 of 2 of ways after his nightmare week

      3. - Impact Sub? - Bellamy, definitely agree

      2. - Where to hurt Utd? - RB, RCB and GK are the places to try and have a go at for sure

      1. - Prediction Time? - I want to go for a big win but a score draw seems high on the agenda 2-2
      Subs: Doni, Agger, Glen, Carroll, Bellamy, Jordan, Maxi

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      • Hey Hobs,

        Yea, matchup usually tends to end up as a 4-5-1 or a 4-4-1-1 (2) like you say, as the run of play goes on. I just like to see how they line up and envision in my head the tactical approach. Some managers very rigid in holding shape, ie Joselina (and another manager we knew), not Kenny, who seems to let them roam and swap throughout the game..

        I do like the idea of Gerrard right behind Suarez alot, that was a wonderful 1-2 with Torres when both were right. I'm just wondering if perhaps Suarez and Carroll have started to understand each other's movement/thinking after two good performances from Carroll, and maybe Stevie may not click just yet? I certainly wouldn't argue it, though if Rio/Vidic are both fit as it seems, and Jones at RB, Carroll's height would help. But again I'd defer to the 11 best, and most likely to cause them issues rather than play to their strength..

    • Suarez on the bench? I think not Armchair mate. Remember what he did to them last season? More of the same from the little dynamo.

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