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  • Jason Jason Oct 14, 2011 00:14 Flag

    10 for United..!

    Come on fellas, let's stick to the thread, 10 for United! And, let's take it easy on him. It's hardly his fault that his aunt and father had too much to drink one night and he was the result of one too many chromosomes. As for the poor grammer and typing skills, I can only imagine that it's very difficult to type as much as you possibly can in 20 minutes free time outside of a padded room, while heavily medicated with your hands strapped to a chair...

    I for one applaud him and his efforts to succeed in the real world despite these obvious insurmountable mental challenges!

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    • ...hahahhahahaah............................hahahahhahahaha

      The Irony..............you have no idea have you dweebqunt, how stupid you just made yourself look

      ''Come on fellas, let's stick to the thread''...................and then types anything but football

      you deserve to be back in ya daddy's sack............best place for ya, apart from dribbling down ya mammy's leg, of course..

    • Shakes my head...

      I thought when you said "10 for Untied.. " I assumed you meant they'd score 10 ?

      With Carroll now wearing his scoring boots.. I'm sure he'll be hungry for more.. I expect Kenny will field Carroll & Bellemy together for this one.. and have Suarez on the bench.. as it'll be a physical contest this one.. and we need our strong players out there..