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    ....RedShyte Top The Pile...

    ...of most expensive per point.............


    Liverpool take top spot on price per point table


    To coincide with the launch of the annual Football Rich List, FourFourTwo.com has calculated the TRUE cost of Premier League success – by determining the price per point for the club’s new owners since their big-money investment.

    Liverpool tops this unique chart, having splashed out a bank-busting £7,525,423.73 for each and every one of the 59 points the club has accumulated since Fenway Sports Group, owned by John W. Henry, bought the club last October for £300 million, spending a further £144m on transfers and wages.

    In stark comparison, city rivals Everton’s price per point comes in at a bargain-basement £48,192,77 for the 415 points they have earned since chairman Bill Kenwright paid £20m for the club and became the majority shareholder in 1999.
    Elsewhere, Arsenal fans may be surprised to learn that their price per point is more than a million pounds more costly than either Manchester United or Chelsea, both of whom have racked up the silverware in recent years.
    And Sunderland owner Ellis Short might hope for a better return on the millions he has pumped into the Black Cats: they are currently paying the fourth most per point in the league, just behind Arsenal.
    FourFourTwo Editor-in-Chief of, Hugh Sleight said: “We’ve been producing our Football Rich List for eight years now and this year we thought it would fascinating to find a way of measuring the individual success of the millionaires and billionaires who make up the list.

    “We appreciate that the science isn’t likely to win us a Nobel Prize, but as a snapshot of the state of the game and the differing positions of the men who own the Premier League’s clubs, it’s compelling.
    “The most obvious comparison is between Liverpool and Everton, something which demonstrates what a remarkable job David Moyes continues to do at Goodison. But just as interesting is that Arsenal’s price per point is higher than both Manchester United and Chelsea’s, despite the wildly different levels of success enjoyed by clubs.”

    SUP IT UP.................HAHAAHAHAHAAH

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    • What a sad ignorant qvnt you are!

      You don't have the intelligence to understand the data. Let me offer an example. If I buy Wigan today for £1, the price per point would be infinite (1 divided by 0... get it?), and I would top the chart.

      Recently owned teams would have higher price per point, since the calculation is done since the team changed owners, be it 1 game or 1000..... but honestly, I don't expect you to understand that.

      The author of the report is brainless, so are you, dumb fvck!!!
      .... haaaaaaaahaa........aaaaahaaaaaaaaa.........

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      • Quite right Lfc.. it's obvious we spent loads.. it's necessary in order to catch up with the rest such as Man Utd, Chelsea & Man City..

        Thing is sean knows their was no need to mention that article, it's it's damn obviious when a club is bought a lot of investment is needed to bring that club up to a standard that is esxpected..

        So if we've gotta spend loads to catch up with the others then so be it.. thats the nature of being one of the best clubs in the world..

        Something only Everton can dream of.. so keep taking the medication Seany.. you'll soon wake up to the fact that you've been supporting the wrong club all this time.. lmao..