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  • Lfc Lfc Oct 14, 2011 18:41 Flag

    ....RedShyte Top The Pile...

    What a sad ignorant qvnt you are!

    You don't have the intelligence to understand the data. Let me offer an example. If I buy Wigan today for £1, the price per point would be infinite (1 divided by 0... get it?), and I would top the chart.

    Recently owned teams would have higher price per point, since the calculation is done since the team changed owners, be it 1 game or 1000..... but honestly, I don't expect you to understand that.

    The author of the report is brainless, so are you, dumb fvck!!!
    .... haaaaaaaahaa........aaaaahaaaaaaaaa.........

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    • Quite right Lfc.. it's obvious we spent loads.. it's necessary in order to catch up with the rest such as Man Utd, Chelsea & Man City..

      Thing is sean knows their was no need to mention that article, it's it's damn obviious when a club is bought a lot of investment is needed to bring that club up to a standard that is esxpected..

      So if we've gotta spend loads to catch up with the others then so be it.. thats the nature of being one of the best clubs in the world..

      Something only Everton can dream of.. so keep taking the medication Seany.. you'll soon wake up to the fact that you've been supporting the wrong club all this time.. lmao..