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  • Hobsey Hobsey Oct 17, 2011 14:54 Flag

    Team to face Norwich?

    A great performance against United and in the end, a slightly dissapointing result. Either way, after watching how Manure had started the season, it was great to watch them under the cosh. Norwich is the momentum shattering kind of banana skin match that we have succombed to so many times in recent seasons. I hope this Rangers friendly doesnt injure any of our bigger names!


    Subs: Doni, Johnson, Agger, Henderson, Carroll, Bellamy, Maxi

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    • I have no problems with simply putting Spearing in Lucas' place, i really like the way he plays - simple and effective. And I would feel quite nervous about expecting Adam or Gerrard to carry out defensive duties, especially considering the tendency for lapses in concentration of our defenders of late. Also I think if we are going to get fourth this season we will have to use a whole squad, agreed we need to take games like this seriously, but we also need to protect Suarez from injury and prove we can play without him.

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      • Completely agree Aurelio. Spearing was really quite excellent last season when he was used quite often, and he even adds a little bit extra with some long passing, and the occasional shot on target from distance which Lucas still lacks a bit.

        I think it would be ok to give Adam a rest, start Gerrard deeper and perhaps get Henderson or Bellamy on the pitch to keep the tempo high and offer that extra quality. Still plently of quality delivery from Gerrard, Downing, Suarez, Henderson etc..

    • Lucas is suspended so I'd play Bellamy instead

    • Good work lads, didnt see that Lucas was banned, that will explain starting him against Rangers last night then! New line up for me then!

      Also, Norwich have been no mugs this year, they scared the life out of United at Old Trafford and got applauded off the pitch by the Manc fans. We shouldnt underestimate them at all and the league is the priority, not the league cup. Lets try to win this game then see who can be rotated against Stoke.


      Subs: Jones, Johnson, Agger, Henderson, Bellamy, Maxi, Aurelio

    • I stand corrected you were right. I thought it was 5 cards, but apparently 4 so quick results in 1 game ban, so it seems rather obvious Spearing would start vs Norwich, and then Lucas is available for Stoke and @ WBA....

    • He's on 4. We may well see Spearing vs Norwich if he plays well enough vs Rangers and perhaps keep Lucas for Stoke or vice versa. If he's going to get one and miss a game, I'd rather he missed Stoke than @ WBA, the league and top 4 is more important

      Yellow and Red Cards
      Players Red Yellow
      Lucas 0 4
      Adam 1 2
      Škrtel 1 1
      Carroll 0 2
      Suarez 0 2
      Henderson 0 1


    • Thank god, a thread about football! The Rangers friendly angers me a little bit, can't see any benefit to our players at this stage of the season. The front 4 looked really good on Saturday, filling in for each other nicely. I would expect to see Carroll starting again though, and know disrespect to Norwich but it is a good chance to rotate the squad a bit. Bellamy deserves to get a start sooner rather than later.


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      • im with you aurelio.

        i think we now have enough in our squad to make changes for this type of match, and enough for players to come off the bench if it's not working out. i would go for


        Subs: Doni, Carra, Enrique, Gerrard, Downing, Adam, Suarez

        and i think that team should honestly beat norwich. Players getting little time on the pitch will have something to prove and should be well up for it! and look at that bench! (i would also be interested to see what henderson can do in the middle behind a front two as he showed some glimpses of quality further up the field against the mancs)