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  • I am concerned that Liverpool are becoming a one man team. If SUAREZ is injured/banned they will flounder.

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    • Won't belong before he goes to Chelsea as you are their feeder club

    • First off I'd say Carroll will never be a replacement for Suarez, as they are just not the same kind of player, so comparing them is apples to oranges. He's not likely to create the same movement up front, nor have the silky skills Suarez has. However just as the argument Suarez creates space for other players with his movement, so do other players create space for Suarez.

      We've not seen much of it yet, as the direct pairing of Suarez and Carroll has been limited. But what I'm most looking forward when they are on the pitch is not the magical link up some are looking for a la Torres/Gerrard, or Rush/Dalglish, or for the more senior fans Keegan/Toshack, but the fact they both bring very different approaches which means we have a multifaceted attacking force.

      They may develop an understanding of the greats, and if they do it’s a mouth watering prospect, but right now defenses don't know if we'll come at them with a long ball from Adam, flank play from Downing or right down the middle. We can keep it on the ground, or we can put it up top, but ether way we approach, or however we deliver that critical ball into the box we've got a player who can latch on to it.

      If Suarez does go down, as I've said we'll be weaker, but not out. No one brings what he has, but Bellamy can provide much the same direct play, has even more pace actually, and can be a right pest (in a good way from our perspective), plus we've still got Kuyt, who is a great poacher, and while he's never lit the league up with his goal tally, has a great habit of getting critical goals and very important moments. Add that to an ever improving Carroll and I think we'll survive.

    • Hey Dave
      The problem if we god forbid lose suarez is more complex than that. Yes the team is creating a lot of chance but a lot of this goes down to suarez movement off the ball not only the suppliers. Unfortunately so far AC has not shown that he is capable of this and we probably will be back to being "one dimensional" without Suarez. For sure AC and also Bellamy will have to step up big if he is down.

    • Very well put a little patience and recognition that it’s the direction we are heading that we should focus on.

      But just back to the title of the thread "Suarez" and the focus of some that we are a "one man" club because of him, a couple points to make. How good would Arsenal look right now if you took out RVP? How good does United look when you take out Rooney? How do most clubs look when you take out there best player?

      Yes we are reliant on Suarez, that is why we bought him, and it’s why most clubs try to buy the very best player they can, so they can rely on him to help make them better. We are not Man City who can afford to buy who ever they want to ensure they have not just great players for each 11 starting positions, but are at least 2 deep at that quality through each position. But new clubs are. Even Chelsea is not that deep anymore.

      It used to be said we were a one man club due to Gerrard, when he's hardly played recently but we still keep on ticking, and if Suarez, god forbid, did go down we'd keep going. We are better off with him, but would survive if he could not play a few games. Remember all those complaining about all the chances he squandered, who are setting up many of those chances, and who is ensuring that we are in the final 3rd of the pitch so that a player like Suarez can do his magic?

    • and to add to that, how much would we need to pay for Suarez now? I doubt 50 million would secure him. Brilliant piece of buying at 22 million! QED

    • Totally agree. We need a solid foundation and a good squad before we can even consider the likes of Hazard. Even with our history, it is very difficult to attract players like Aguero and Silva unless you pay them ridiculous amount of money and/or offer them champion league football. Our current first team and our current squad is miles better than the last 2 years and our performances have markedly improved. We will soon be in a position were we need only 1-2 signings per transfer season and this is when you go for the stars.

    • Hear hear! Well said bty

    • christ what do you people want?
      Do you think the answer is just to buy new players everytime we fail to win 5-0?
      So we've decided after 10 games that Henderson,the under 21's captain is average,and that Carroll after even fewer games is a waste of money?
      This week we went to stoke and beat them at home,their first defeat in 21 games, then went to west brom who'd won two on the bounce and beat them easily.(yes they were piss poor but how much of that is down to how we played?)
      Of course I'd like us to take every chance we create,and like Kenny i believe someone,soon is going to get a right twatting.
      I'd be more concerned if we were 19th still like last year,or we hadn't created all the chances that have resulted in us hitting the woodwork 10 times already.
      There are players we'd all love to have here, but being realistic we're a work in progress,and it may be just a bit too soon for the likes of hazard,etc.
      No one has ever,in the history of the epl gone from 4th one season to 1st the next,so not wanting to sound like the some of the neg-heads on here, it wont happen from 6th to 1st.
      But we will get back in the top 4,we will have good cup runs, and that will be a marked improvement on the last couple of years.
      The owners gave Kenny 3 yrs don't you think we should?
      And you're right we do have less chance than Man city or Chelsea, but that's because we started this season from a poorer position, they probably had 80-90% of their squads in place from previous seasons, we were starting with probably 60% of who Kenny wanted for his first full season back in charge.
      All I ask is have patience,have faith.

    • So in other words we become like Arsenal.. buy in young players and hope they can succeed..

    • So looking at the collective responses to this thread we are over dependent on Suarez, but feel he's also wasteful?

      We still think we are defending poorly, yet limited Stoke to just a few real clear chances?

      Why does contradiction come to mind?

      Stokes success is based on a game plan that limits quality opponents the ability to play and express themselves with their superior ability (anyone notice the extra lines on the pitch due to the fact they are allowed to play on a smaller pitch in domestic matches than European fixtures expressly designed to limit play?), and then seize what limited chances they get, from the break or often from set pieces to punish their opponents.

      I don't say this to be critical of Stoke, its an effective strategy and TP should be praised for it imo. The fact he's in recent years added pace and creativity from players like Etherington and Pennent has allowed them to be extremely successful.

      If anyone doubts that, just take a look at their home record. Of the 10 matches they've played at home this season, last night was their first home defeat. So a "good result but....." attitude beggars belief.

      Last night was a good result, and a decent performance in a very difficult place to play football. Yes it was a touch a class from Suarez that got the result, but that is why you buy a top class striker, for that little extra he can give you. But it was also a team effort to press, and play when given the chance. It was the approach play that put Suarez in a position to create that first goal, and the second was all down to the pressure we created allowing an under pressure Stoke back line to be pulled and pushed out of position leaving Suarez open at the back post for a delightful first time ball from Henderson.

      If some want to be critical and want to focus on clouds when the sunning shinning brightly, so be it. But forgive me and others who would rather focus on those bright skies in front of us.

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      • We may have a win here and there, like this mid-week victory over Stoke, but we must face the fact that there are problems with the team.


        Suarez is a wonderful player to watch, but his problems are evident. Currently, more than 1/3 of the Liverpool goals were scored by him, even though he has been so wasteful. He made over 1/4 of the attempts on goals made by Liverpool, indicating how much pressure is on Suarez to score for the team.

        Carroll is our spearhead striker, He has played 477 min for LFC this season, compared to 683 min of Suarez. But Carroll's attempts on goal was a lowly 6 compared to 33 of Suarez. Bellamy has played only 135 min and had 5 shots.

        The other midfielders or strikers also have to share the load to shot on goal. Downing, Kuyt, Adam and Hendo are well short in this department with the amount of time they have played. Aren't we missing Maxi and Gerro?

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