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  • Loki Loki Nov 6, 2011 10:38 Flag

    Same old problems

    I don't know what it is, but when you become Liverpool manager, you thought processes go to sh*t!

    Henderson on the right wing? Should never happen again,especially as we have Bellamy who can do that. Then bring on Kuyt for Henderson when we were desperate for pace and movement up front......it baffles me to be honest and maybe someone can explain it to me. I hope in January we get a striker and right winger. I don't know who we could get for the RW, but I was thinking of Gomez from Bayern for up front. Suarez and Enrique are the only recent signings who are any good on a consistent basis, the rest have been mediocre in my opinion. I don't think we're good enough to get fourth to be honest.

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    • DSTEER...Yes I spose it does seem a little unusual that we should as u say be :fighting the same corner: on the board for once. I have to agree with u patience seems to be the real issue more thanany general aura of pessimism.
      Im all for patience as it does seem KK has as u say bought in young players with certain attributes that he sees bode well for the future as u say they are all on 4/5 yr contracts.
      What I see is a manager doing his level best to get the true playing style of our club re-established with PASS ANDMOVE
      Im sure he sees in Carrol a player that lends another dimension to the tactics a player who can be a starter or brought off the bench depending on who we are playing and a player who can coming off the bench can cause the opposition manager to have to hastily try and rejig his strategy...thus giving us an advantage.
      Looking on the bright side I,can only see the players sited in this thread getting better and I already see that they each possess the inate skills so theres plenty for the coaching staff to work with.
      btw Dave I should say that many of u previous posts that werent dealing with The Benitez Issue I did agree with in fact I think our only major disagreement was over the retention of Benitez as manager as opposed to my opinion of get rid of him. Thats no a dead topic.

    • Doom and gloom everywhere on here no positives we are crap. We won't get fouth spot Carroll isn't good enough Henderson isn't good enough.

      Sometimes i wonder whether some of you really DO support LIVERPOOL i really do.

      Yes we've dropped points and we are behind at the moment. But we are making chances we just need to put them away. So in my book its just a matter of time thats all.

      So get that glass half full. Cos the futures bright the futere is LFC!!


    • Colin, definitely pessimism on the board these days, and I think to a certain point that is understandable considering as supporters we always want the best so set our expectations high.

      However I also see a definitive lack of patience. Maybe it’s a sign that I too am getting older as each year that patience from some gets shorter and shorter. In fact in our previous discussions that is the one thing I kept trying to say that I had patience so long as progress was being made, and now despite obvious progress from last season to this season, a few home draws are a sign for some that the sky is falling.

      I'm fine with people having their say, and doubt we'll all ever agree on everything, and if a message board is not the place to voice different opinions I don't know where is. But for every dissenting voice on this or that decision by our manager, or this or that transfer by our club, I think its appropriate for posters like myself to call them out when it seems to me their is a very obvious alternative perspective.

      Just a bit ironic that for a change you and I see to be fighting much the same corner in the debate!

    • Jason...what I note on the board these days is a definite pessimistic outlook of many of our :supporters:. Kenny will get us there...the season is still young its a long way to go yet. I stand by the view that two good results in our next two League matches will turn the season right around, the two pts dropped at home v Swansea will be instantly forgotten.
      The EPL is without a doubt the toughest strongest league in the world. Look...we lost away at the Brittania to Stoke whilst having been by far the better side BUT then look Stoke were being touted as the surprise this year flirting with the idea of a top 4 spot and then Lowly out of form Bolton come along and its................
      Bolton 5 Stoke 0...Id venture to say that Swansea are every bit as good as either of those two sides so WHY all this bemoaning having dropped 2 pts at home to them ??? Uniturd were dicked 1.6 at home by Citeh and dont tell me anyone expected that ùmost people in Manchester expected Uniturd to run out winners on the day. All Im calling for is a little bit more support and less kneejerk criticism of our manager...get behind the lads its still early doors.

    • Agree with that. So frustrated that we had dropped so many points. At home against Sunderland (2pts), Man U (2pts), Norwich (2pts), Swansea (2pts), away Stoke (at least 1pt).

      Henderson is so average. Downing, perhaps is over-rated. Carroll? I guess he knows perfectly well where to get a pint than where the goal post is!!

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      • I am on record on this board from day one on reservations about Carroll. He is a 23 year old of no more than average intelligence, single and with over 3 million in the bank one assumes. He makes no secret that he likes a pint. We paid way over the odds for him and I have seen nothing to justify that expense in terms of ability.

        It´s not his fault that he is who he is but the club need to recognise that he is far from ideal and make more use of the Maxi´s and Bellamy´s until such time as Carroll settles properly. They are far better suited to play alongside Suarez who, if things don´t improve in terms of service soon, will be off and I for one wouldn´t blame him.

    • Right on Loki.

      I said almost the same in a thread: Reina, Suarez and Jose Enrique are the only performers we have, the rest of the squad, manager included, is mediocrity... but I got whipped by the in house irrationals.

      Do I wish that things were different!!!

    • Herps, Henderson for me is nothing more than average. I base that not just on what he's done since coming to the club, but anything he did before that at Sunderland. Kenny is persisting with him, but I can't help asking just what he is bringing to the team week in, week out. At the moment, not a whole lot, and we have better, more creative options on the right who could do a better job right now IMHO.

      Thing that concerned me most about the Swansea match was that they literally controlled large parts of that second half. Yes, SWANSEA..... at Anfield.

      OK we could have had 3 or 4 goals if we were more clinical, and their keeper had a blinder. But could of's mean squat. We just couldn't find the net. End of.

      These are the games we need to finish off if we are to have any hope of getting back into that top 4. Yeah maybe the lads will play out of their skins next week against Citeh, maybe even nick 3 points if we're lucky. But of course if we do, it'll probably all be wasted when Wigan or Bolton hold us to a draw down the track.

      Even Arsenal have caught up to us now FFS. Undefeated in 7 games???? Big bleepin deal. 3 wins and 4 losses is still better than 7 draws.....

      Guess it's same old same old if you're an LFC fan. Be patient......

    • Lads...please...two good results in next two games can turn everything around for us. Sometimes u go through a patch of mediocre form but if u can stay undefeated through that patch and possibly manage to put the points in the bag too...it keeps u well in the mix. We are after all right now seven games undefeated in all competitions..so we are far from in freefall which going by some of the posts on some of these threads u would imagine we were.
      Perhaps give Bellamy a run of starts wide on the right and bench Carrol BUT still USE him off the bench, one flash of brilliance in the box from him with his obvious physical power and as with yesterday it could mean the difference between 1pt and all three pts. Lets stay behind the lads its early doors in the season yet. Kenny KNOWS what hes doing his objective is to ingrain into the squad the true style of this club which is....
      PASS AND MOVE and imo ...he will eventualy succeed in doing so then... watch out everybody else !

    • Agree Loki, we´are a long way short of good enough for fourth at the moment and, the way those teams around us are playing at the moment, sixth is flattering.

      Though it pains me to say it, look at Newcastle for example. In a worse position than us a couple of seasons ago and now a creditable third on a fraction of the player spend!

      Buying "for the future" is all well and good provided there is a future! At the moment things are not gelling at LFC plain and simple.