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    Moving fixtures

    Seems Kenny may protest the fixture schedule for the league cup tie with Chelsea by putting out a youth team, and even warned fans to think twice about getting tickets as he does not want them buying thinking they will see the best Liverpool XI. But with Manchester City on the Sunday (late game) and then Chelsea on Tuesday evening, I'm not sure I can blame him.

    But before Robert (just making an assumption) or others say this is sour grapes, ask yourself why the league can re-arrange schedules for teams who play in Europe to ensure they have 2 days between fixtures, but the league and the prem can't get their heads together on this one.

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    • The FA can't just keep moving fixtures around to suit managers..

      We should have enough depth and strength in depth to deal with that..

      If we don't then thats a weakenes on the part of us..

      Of course I want ua to have chance of winning.. I'm just being fair minded here..

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      • Why not? The FA, prem and others are quite willing to move matches around to meet the TV schedules so why not move it to better suit the needs of those who actually create the gravy train the TV companies feed off of?

        Actually I normally don't have much time for manager whining about the schedule and did not much are for it when Rafa went off on playing Wednesday night and then early game on Saturday. But just being realistic, we are being asked to play Sunday late afternoon, then Tuesday.

        I assume the good folks at the Carling Cup would like us to put out a half way decent team which would include maybe not all, but a few of those likely to start in league matches. But that will mean anyone who features on Sunday will have to rest train, prepare and travel on Monday if they are selected for Tuesday's match. I recon that might be worth whining about!

        I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist here, but why can’t Man U play on Tuesday and we take the TV slot they have on Wednesday? They already have had yet another home draw, against yet another lower division team; surely they would not mind giving up a day off, as they play in the league on Saturday so have now 3 days between fixtures.

    • Oh, and another thing. Chelsea say that Liverpool have "taken their full allocation of seats" for the match and so there will be fewer for Chelsea fans. How does that fit Dalglish telling Liverpool fans not to show up?


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      • They have all been sold to the 'London and South' supporters branch! :)
        The most annoying point that Kenny made was, suppose Stoke had beaten us in the last round of the Carling Cup, do you think they would have played Tues and Thursday away in the Europa? So they can change when they feel like, its stupid. Liverpool and Chelsea have two of the best records in the league cup and its the biggest tie in the competition so far. Especially as league position is close and im expecting some sort of revenge (1 way or another from next Sundays game).

        A youth team is a bit far fetched, I'll name the 2 sides now and see how close I was in a couple of weeks!



        I wouldnt even be suprised to see Suarez or Lampard start, its a bit of a toys out of the pram moment from Kenny.

    • I think he has half a point. It seems unfair to push Liverpool's match against City back a day for TV and then bring forward the milk cup match for some other reason, leaving only two days between matches.

      On the other hand teams playing in Europe (I'll resist) are often asked to play an away lunchtime Saturday Premiership game after playing the other end of Europe on the Wednesday night with no flights back that night and it's not so different. I could bore you with points we've dropped at Saturday lunchtimes in such situations.

      Although, look at it a different way. You presumably put out your best team against City. Why do you then need a youth team against Chelsea? Wouldn't the same best team (or one or two shoved in and out) be the better option for a result against Chelsea? Isn't two days enough recovery time?

      Do you have nothing between your first team and your youth team? It's very likely the team we play against you will be almost a complete change from the previous league match, as it has been in previous rounds. And given your history of putting out weak teams in competitions you don't fancy much (like the league before a CL match), there is a suspicion that an element of this is whingeing for the sake of it.



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      • Robert, problem is its not 2 days between these fixtures its only one day. We play Sunday (late kick off) then play Tuesday, so only Monday between the two matches. Standard for clubs playing in Europe is 2 days between matches, either Saturday league then Tuesday CL, or Sunday then Wednesday. For those in Europa they change the schedule so they play Thursday then Sunday.

        I get the long flight analogy, but most will fly chartered flights, so if there is no late flight its because the club has decided to wait till the morning, not because the airlines are telling them when to fly. So if they choose to use one of their 2 days between fixtures to travel that is down to them.

        But end of the day, it’s about TV money with neither wanting to give. Shame really as its a tasty fixture not just for the likes of you and me, but for many neutrals expect also, so made for good TV. But with the club expected to rest, train, and travel all on that Monday something has to give.

    • Of to the bookies tomorrow to put a tenner on liversox fielding a full strength team the jock is all mouth

    • I wouldn't blame him either, Dave.
      Given the way the 'senior' team have played recently and their apparent lack of progress in the first 1/3 of the season (imo); we may have a better chance of winning with a young team who actually wants to win!