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    ...Should Blatter Resign/Be Fired...?

    ...just wondered what LFC's fanbase thought of his recent comments, NOT alledged, factual comments, on any racism on the pitch can be solved by a handshake at the end of the game.

    ..if you think he should GO, do you think a similar route should happen with Suarez, IF he is proven guilty over his ALLEDGED abuse of Evra...??

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    • Fired by who? He's the top man in world football.. only way I can see him ever going is if theirs an election for president of FIFA.. They had that which Blatter won..

      I don't like how dirty and corrupt football has become and Blatter is in the thick of it..

      I'd like to see him gone. The only likely replacement to Blatter would be Platini..

      Their is however a rival organisation to FIFA I understand.. Thing is would countries around the world join it?

      With Blatter saying a handshake is good enough at the end of the game when a player racially abuses another player.. astounds me..

      If any top CEO of any company made such comments.. their would be cries for them to go and go soon.. So why is Blatter excused from it?

    • ADIDAS is a big sponsor of FIFA, Champions League,­ Olympic Games etc. They are also the kit sponsor of­ Chelsea and Liverpool - two teams that currently have­ players involved in alleged racist remarks. They also­ sponsor SPAIN; a team with a history of racist issues;­ So why don't ADIDAS come out with a statement­
      condemning Blatter and Racism Etc? If they, as such a­ huge sponsor and supporter of football, aren't­ prepared to make a stand then perhaps we should all­ boycott ADIDAS and their products. I'm sure they­ would suddenly decide to make a stance and perhaps apply pressure on FIFA to get rid of Blatter by withdrawing their sponsorship!

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      • Well it seems that it's only the British FA thats making the issue of racism in football. Other footballing nations don't seem to be so bothered about it..

        It's also been reported that that we're making big issure about Blatter's remarks because we lost the World Cup and in the manner we lost it..

        So I would find it highly unlikely Adidas would pull out of sponsorship even though we find such comments distatsteful that Blatter made..

        As for Suarez well if he had made such comments.. (and I would be interested to see his side of it.. so far all we've had so far is Evra's account of it.. ) and he admits to it then I suspect severe action will be taken.

        How can such a thing be swept under the carpet? I'm disabled and I've had insulting comments directed at me, cos of how I walk etc.. Is that ok then to insult someone cos of their physical / mental disability? Seems to me that racially abusing someone, is more of a big deal than abusing someone whose disabled..