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  • We maybe didn't deserve the three points, but I don't think you did either. You won the first half through out-competing us, but in the second half you looked like you were playing for a point.

    Still, it's goals that decide matches and you scored one more than us, so well done.


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    • Fair comment Robert but you must be a little bit worried - at times your guys looked like they were standing still.
      It's going to take a VERY brave man to suggest Cole, Terry, Lampard and Drogba may have seen their best days and need to step aside for the future of the club.
      It's the same situation we are currently having to think about with Carra and Gerrard - although injuries keep postponing the inevitable for us.

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      • We're certainly playing badly at the moment, although the three games we have lost in the last four matches we probably didn't deserve to lose all of.

        Our main problem is that our defence has forgotten how to defend. Your two goals yesterday were abysmal from our point of view. We have another problem of not knowing what our best team is. We have a different attack every week and they are not performing to their potential. We need to settle down and get some rhythm.


    • Didn't see the game, but it is a very useful result for us.

      This season is going to be interesting, City will hit a bad patch at some stage and the league will be up for grabs.

      I could envisage new year seeing 6 clubs in with a shout.

    • Well played Robert. Your right it was a game of two halves and I was nervous in the second. But with Mikel off and your lot pushing up you were always open to the counter. I actually think it was Henderson who was our stabilizing force and with Cole pushing up not surprised it was that side the winner came from.

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      • It is extremely difficult to say anything derrogatory to you Robert M because you exhibit class whether its a win or a loss. Now I feel a right pratt for being so angry with you earlier this season. My sweet wifey says I have a temper. Probably true.

        I wish your Chelsea side success against everybody but us......and I shall try to be more courteous in future. dsteer sets a good example for us all but I'm not as patient as the man. I will attempt to be.

        Good luck. Please excuse my stupid temper.

    • Cheers Robert. As you said on another thread, AVB stuck with the high line and you were punished for it in the first half. How you managed not to score a second from the 55th to 80th minute I will never know! We were all over the place and our attack was awol. Still, Glenda came up trumps for us and we got the three points although in all honesty, you were a little cheated! A draw would have been a fair result but, that´s football!

      Sturridge and Malouda were outstanding and we failed to contain them as we should have whilst Suarez was uncharacteristically wasteful. All in all an exciting game to watch though!