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  • Greg Greg Nov 21, 2011 15:49 Flag

    Team to face Man City?

    no sign of henderson anywhere steer. i thought you were saying in some other posts, that he made a big impact on the chelsea game. i hear what you are saying about maxi, and think he is unlikely to start this next game. for this one i would actually bring carrol back, and have bellamy or maxi come on if it's not working out for the big man. He played very well against city last season, and for some reason i get the feeling he could give them a bit of a fright again. whenever he gets stuck on the bench for a game or two, he always seems to come back to play one good game, and then drops off again.

    i would go

    same back 5.

    and if Gerrard is fit, bring him on as a sub at some point. unlikely to start after another layoff.

    subs: doni, carra, kelly, gerrard, maxi, bellamy, kuyt

    i notice you have downing playing as well as on the bench, maybe one of him is hendo?

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    • I do think Henderson what a major part of what stabilized the side after the initial Chelsea onslaught in the second half, so I thought it fair I should sing his praises, especially as most of the time I've picked Kuyt ahead of him in my own selections.

      But I don't think he was a major part, or would likely have been if he'd started, of what got us the result. I think that came early on by us no allowing Chelsea to play. It was solid work by Suarez, Bellars, Kuyt and Maxi to really pressurize Chelsea high up the pitch, not let them settle and force them into poor balls out of the back. That is why I went for the same attacking 4 with the exception of switching Downing for Maxi as I think he's got an edge in pace, and more ability to last the full 90.

      I did however toy with the idea of how I could play Carroll who I don't think has done anything wrong when he's been played. However I think like all the players he's got to accept his role, which ultimately is to help the team. My fear is that because the City side is so good with the ball at their feet, and has pace, that with Carroll on we may resort to long ball just to release the pressure. That is fine in the last few minutes if we've got a result (same role he had when he came on Sunday) but don't want that from the start. I'm eager to see him really get some playing time with Suarez, and get some real tasty service from Downing, Adam, Kuyt and or Henderson, but not sure the City game is the one to start experimenting on what could be, but more about using what we know we've got to try and get a result.

      Downing on the bench was a typo, I cut and pasted the original and remember to put Downing on the pitch, but forgot to get him off the bench and replace him with Jordan.

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      • You make good points Steer especially with regards to Downing and Maxi, but while I acknowledge that Downing is the better player and the one likely to cause more havoc, Maxi on the other has this ability to be at the right place at the right time and is more likely than Downing to score. With the way we have been squandering chances at home lately we do need someone with the eye and luck for goal.

        Personally I would substitute Kuyt for Henderson (never thought I would ever say that), we need an extra body in midfield, with the strength of Man C, I think they may just prove too much for Lucas and Adam to deal with on their own.