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  • Jason Jason Nov 22, 2011 19:46 Flag

    Team to face Man City?


    I actually gave that formation some thought and in theory also like it and the look overall, though for the back 3, I'd just have Skrtel in the center, Carra right due to Skrtel's more athletic presence and height.

    Aside from that, if we want to do everything similar going forward that we saw last match, I just can't have (for me) Carroll up top to start so would do the same, and perhaps have downing wide right, bellamy wide left, kuyt behind or in front of Suarez with all 4 swapping roles like we saw..

    This is another story for another thread, but I read that the club are taking a very serious new approach with Carroll in regards to his fitness, pace, diet and strength.. they feel while he's big, he's not particularly strong in the upper body so they feel he's lacking in lean muscle which causes him to labor a bit, ie- be slow. I don't think he lacks the talent or the effort, he just needs work, and simply based on results and performance, they seem to do better without him, as he is now. Regardless what he costs, that's irrelevant anymore, he just needs to work and get himself right so we can get him in the side and allow to adapt to quick pass and move with some aerial power too!