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  • Hobsey Hobsey Nov 24, 2011 15:36 Flag

    Team to face Man City?

    Here is a couple of examples of Carraghers poor form so far this season and to be fair, these are just the ones he (and then we) has been punished for:
    vs Bolton, Carragher caught in possesion by Klasnic for consolation
    vs Stoke, Carragher pulls down Walters for decisive penalty
    vs Brighton, Carragher fouls Vicente for Brighton penalty
    vs Norwich, Collided with Johnson and allowed Holt to nod past a stranded Reina

    I have always been Carra's biggest supporter and was defending him to the hilt on here last season but he looks to have dropped another yard again. It's not to say he is finished, not at all, but I think he has to earn his way back into the side and I cant fault Enrique, Johnno, Skrts or Agger over the last 3 matches. He looks terrified against fleet footed players, even the Odemwingies of the league have got his number! The guy will put his body on the line and put his face into the sole of a boot to keep the ball out of the net but he has to step it up a gear!

    We have to go absolutely full whack against City, its everything to us. Sitting 9 points of the lead isnt even that bad with our December fixtures but 15, well, thats not great! I dont expect us to win the league but we dont want Spurs and United getting 7 and 8 point gaps on us!