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  • Hobsey Hobsey Nov 21, 2011 10:29 Flag

    Team to face Man City?

    Right back in there for Champions league contention after that well needed result! Now the ultimate test and I think its more like The Premier league vs Dubai!
    If they are going to lose anywhere then its going to be at Anfield, which is exactly what will happen! Surely everyone deserves to keep the place from Sunday and I have to add, Maxi and Bellamy looked electric in the first half, they both have terrific movement.


    Subs: Doni, Carragher, Gerrard, Kelly, Henderson, Downing, Carroll

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    • Hobitez...YES ! Really like the look of u line-up and the bench u have looks tasty too.

    • I would play 4-2-3-1 thus:

      ---------------Normal back four------------

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      • I was a bit scared in the second half yesterday and the City midfield is more mobile that the aging chelsik one. And Suarz was isolated for the better part of the game yesterday. I would have the following:

        -----------------same keeper-----------------
        -----------------same back 4-----------------

    • I got to admit I would not have gone with Maxi against Chelsea, and I'm still not sure I'd pick him again against City. So, for that have to give full marks to Kenny for a very brave move that really worked out.

      But my concerns for using him again are first his lack of pace, and that I think he did fade in the second half. While of course he can be replaced I never like the idea of starting someone who you know you have to replace as it reduces your tactical flexibility by using up one precious sub. But I do have to give the player credit as it was his skill, his movement, and most importantly his footballing brain that ensured he made an impact on Sunday, so for that he has to be considered.

      But my thoughts are we have to keep the same attitude and tactics of keeping the pressure on a side with quality, so they get little chance to actually play there own game. But that does not necessarily mean keeping the same personnel. City I think have many of the same ball playing qualities as Chelsea (arguably more quality) but also with more pace. So I'd go with:

      ----------------------------------Reina------------------- -----------
      ---------------------Suarez-------------Bellamy----------- -----

      Subs: Doni, Carragher, Gerrard, Kelly, Maxi, Downing, Carroll

      The only other change is maybe bringing in Gerrard if he's fit for Adam, so we can get better tackling in the middle, and a lot more pace.

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      • no sign of henderson anywhere steer. i thought you were saying in some other posts, that he made a big impact on the chelsea game. i hear what you are saying about maxi, and think he is unlikely to start this next game. for this one i would actually bring carrol back, and have bellamy or maxi come on if it's not working out for the big man. He played very well against city last season, and for some reason i get the feeling he could give them a bit of a fright again. whenever he gets stuck on the bench for a game or two, he always seems to come back to play one good game, and then drops off again.

        i would go

        same back 5.

        and if Gerrard is fit, bring him on as a sub at some point. unlikely to start after another layoff.

        subs: doni, carra, kelly, gerrard, maxi, bellamy, kuyt

        i notice you have downing playing as well as on the bench, maybe one of him is hendo?

    • I'm not sure if playing 5 at the back is allowed or not at home, but I suspect so long as it works almost anything goes. But maybe a more palatable way to look at it is not a line of 5 defenders, but 3 center backs and 2 wingbacks.

      To be honest it was just a bit of creative thinking on my part and not necessarily what I think will or should be deployed on Sunday. But the thinking was how do you stay compact and organized while defending, which is where the 3 center backs and the solid midfield of Lucas and Adam come in, and still have the freedom to utilize the space I think City will concede to us on the flank, hence the use of wing backs.

    • Not sure if this helps with the selection but some other thoughts I think should be considered.

      For the most part City play very compact going forward. They can all handle the ball at their feet but don't really play traditional wing play. Milner will go wide but both Nasri and Silva would much rather play the tic tack toe through the middle even if they do start in the flank positions. Johnson is a real winger but he seems to have become an impact sub these days. Besides even he normally sets up on the right so he can cut in on his left foot.

      The other point is they have been getting most of their width down the right from Richards who has essentially been playing wing back, and because City have dominated games has hardly had to defend.

      I'm not sure what the selection should be, but I think there is something there we can take advantage of. For example in defending obviously we have to be compact and disciplined, but that would go without saying. But going forward we should find space on the flanks, so whether that is going with Henderson or Kuyt and Downing, or expecting Johnson and Enrique to get forward, they may find space in which to operate in. That also maybe be a nod in Carroll's favor

      But also I think we have to attack their full backs. Richards has had a couple great outings but that is based on attacking form not defending, so we need to negate him. Best way to negate an attacking full back is to pin them back.

      This might be a complete disaster of an idea, but I like the idea of shaking things up for this one and really putting Mancini on the back foot, as we have to unsettle them and make sure we dictate the match. It’s also a nod to what worked so well last season at Stamford Bridge

      --------------------------- Reina --------------------------------
      ---------- Skrtel -------Carra ----------Agger---------------
      Johnson---------------------------------------------- Enrique
      ----------------------- Lucas -- Adam ------------------------
      ---Kuyt/Bellamy----------------------------------Suarez ---
      -----------------------------Carroll --------------------------------

    • I felt a bit guilty after putting his mistakes down in writing but I have felt almost every game I have watched him in this season that he is an accident waiting to happen in a much milder fashion to Soto last season. Its as if opposition are very aware of him at the moment and seem to target his weaknesses. He has been nothing but a legend for us and will carry on to be important over the next season or 2 but, right now, for me hes quite a distance of Skrtel or Agger.
      I remember about 3-4 seasons ago, hoping they would be our long term defensive pairing but it didnt look likely to happen after a mixture of Skrtels bad form and Aggers terrible injury record. They look as good a pair as anything in the world right now. I hope this isnt a damning comment!

    • I've heard a few people suggesting that it might be time to try Kelly at right back and move Johnson up to midfield. This is not a new suggestion, could this be the right time to try it as it gives us the opportunity to have another CB on the field when under pressure.


      Which can easily switch to


      Or, when protecting a slender lead at 88mins


    • I understand wanting to make sure that both Agger and Skrtel play as they are both in top form, however I'm not sure its accurate that Jamie should be dropped because of poor form. He's featured in 9 of our 12 league games so far this season (only Skrtel has featured in more) during which we've now achieved the best defensive record in the league conceding only 11 goals (joint lowest along with City and Newcastle). The theme that we've let in sloppy goals which is why we are not further up the table continues, but the numbers just don't prove that out.

      However your last point does get me thinking. I think the league game is much more important than the cup fixture against Chelsea. However said that, even assuming Chelsea will not play its best 11 against us next Tuesday (they will most likely start Torres) it would still be nice to be able to start at least one senior center back along side Coates so we can keep things competitive.

    • So basically your blaming Carra for four goals to show poor form. Personally I'd take two of those away I did not think the penalty at Stoke was his fault and surely you have to blame Johnson as much for the collision as Carra.
      But I think you could find a guilty party for each of the 11 goals if you want to play the blame game but it would be harder to count the the number of goals not scored due to a solid defense that Carra has been a part of.
      I'm not saying he should start at the weekend but I think that is because of others good form not Carras bad form

    • Don't feel guilty about posting your opinion. There is a serious debate to to had about Carra. At some point he is going to reach a point where he could be a liability to the team and we should not allow sentiment cloud that discussion. I do think that discussion is premature but it will come one day.

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