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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Nov 22, 2011 23:25 Flag

    still too old?

    After the great result on sunday,did anyone else think back to some of the posts put on here,by some of our "supporters",questioning Kenny's right to manage LFC."He's too old.It's a different game now.Formations are more sophisticated,and he'll be found wanting. And of course my personal favourite..."his record is no better than hodgson's!"
    Well on sunday he went head to head with AVB, the new superstar on the block.The next big thing (or mourinho lite,as I think of him)
    and surprise surprise seems Kenny does still know how to set a team up.
    I'm not for one minute underplaying steve clarke's role in this, but then again Kenny picked him,so it looks like he does understand this new kind of football all the youngsters are playing.
    I believe kenny's aware of our shortcomings regarding killing teams off,especially at home, and I'm even more sure he will get it right
    One win against a team of Chelsea's quality doesn't make you Bob Paisley, but then again a draw at home to teams like Sunderland,Swansea or Norwich doesn't make you Woy either!

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    • I think one of the problems is when we discuss sport many tend to want to simplify things or boil it down to a common denominator they can easily understand. In the case of managers we assume the character often painted by the press is true. So big Sam is all about building athletes who excel at the hoof and hope game, Pullis only knows how to manage big men who will out muscle opponents, or Rafa is all about statistics but can't talk to players.

      In the case of Kenny I think many think old school so question if he can keep up with the sports medicine, tactics, and technology that are all part of the game today.

      But the reality is we don't see the manager everyday, we don't see behind the curtain, and just get the press conference, the after match interview, the impression from how they handle themselves on the sidelines, and the quotes the press print. From that we get a caricature, part of which maybe accurate, but likely only paints only part of the real picture that is the man.

      But at the end of the day it’s not about the caricature but about what the man delivers. Jose may have seemed (still does) like a clown much of the time, but he also delivered, so there was obviously something going on behind all the bluster. By all accounts Roy is a nice guy, and he has had success at various places, but he proved he was just out of his depth when he tried to step up to manager a big English club.

      For Kenny he was successful in the past, and not just at one club. And, so far he's proven imo successful in helping us climb out of our previous funk. He has still not taken us where we need to be, but he's started moving us in the right direction, and I have no doubts he'll keep that progress going.

    • People seem to have this belief that since he last mamaged a club, he's been living in a cave and is unaware of how football is played nowadays..

      You can bet he's been watching how teams play etc.. yes he's had to brush up on a few things..

      When it comes down to it football is football.. and it's something he's a master at.

      Thats why when Fergie exclaimed "Kenny back in football management, never saw that coming" or words to that effect.. which suggests to me Fergie is somewat threatened by Kenny and so he should be.. so should everyone..

      I believe when Kenny gets to grip with things we'll be back up there again winning..

      He's got Clark and others around him advising Kenny, and we've great owners who obviously respect and admire Kenny, who'll back him with whomever he wants to bring in..