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  • a striker like carroll needs playing time to build confidence...... tell jose, miguel, would you rather he have a run out for 90 min in the carling cup or the prem or an european fixture?

    don't doubt the king..... obrigado friend!!

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    • Wondered what had become of you Jose and nice to have you back. You are a bit behind on the Carroll debate though since many on here have been making the point you did since August. I said back then that I didn´t rate Carroll and, any amount of run outs are unlikely to alter his performance unless and until he takes playing for Liverpool as seriously as he appears to take his social life - quaffing pints included.

      I hate to criticise players but we are a team and he is not contributing enough, even when given the chance like last night. One would have expected to see a show of determination, skill, effort and a desire to impress surely? I saw none of that but maybe I missed it or expect too much at the moment? I could give more but I will cite one example. What did he look like effortwise at 22 compared to Bellamy at 32? No comparison I´d say and that is not something time and run outs will improve. The problems with Carroll run much deeper I suspect and I hope Kenny and the backroom staff can get them sorted for his sake, his teamates and we supporters.

    • Jose Pombal good too see ya back bud