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  • Robert M Robert M Nov 30, 2011 14:49 Flag

    Carling semis

    You're right and wrong. The semi-final is two legs, home and away.


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    • That's the good news Robert, at last we'll have a Carling Cup match at home. Although we seem to be doing better away from Anfield, so was wondering if you lot would mind terribly if we started playing a few of our home matches at Stamford Bridge? Seems we can create a pretty good atmosphere there, and the results aren't half bad either!

      On the draw itself, while I hate conspiracy theories (my wife comes up with a new one almost daily that I can roll my eyes at) if as I suspect we get either of the Manchester clubs (most likely City) its going to be hard not to think something is going on.

      In fact if we get City and United (assuming they beat Palace tonight) get Cardiff, that will mean we'll have played every round away from home, and will have gone through 3 prem teams if we make the final. While United on the other hand will have played every match against lower division teams including one against league two Aldershot.

      It’s a random draw, but that does not mean it’s always a fair draw!