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  • Emlyn'S Heroes Emlyn'S Heroes Dec 6, 2011 10:17 Flag

    4th place...

    so let's get this right.Bellamy,who was rightly man of the match against Chelsea less than a week ago is now too old?
    Kuyt who covers more ground than the undersoil heating is too old?
    I think if Spearing had not got the red from his mistake of thinking football's still a contact sport, we may have seen maxi last night.
    But obviously that dictated what subs to use,and with Kuyt quite capable of doing the running for 2 men it made sense to use him.
    And I can't honestly believe anyone would think having Spain's answer to the sulky stroppy teenager in the dressing room would be a good idea?
    But to say "something isn't right" after tasting defeat for the first time in 11 matches.
    You have a point regarding Carroll,and the funny thing is,inbetween hanging my balls on the tree sunday,I was watching Steven Fletcher at wolves play more like Carroll than Carroll does!
    Now I know he isnt a big exotic sounding foreigner but he does what he's supposed to do and does it well.
    Like Kenny said,sometimes we get the rub of the green,last night we didn't.
    I still believe we did enough to win, and we are still too wasteful in front of goal, but please, compared to last year? some crisis.

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    • Do we wanna do just enough to win? Or do we wanna win convincingly?

      It could be argued a win is a win.. Yet a convincing win puts doubts / fear into our rivals..

      Surely it's the latter we want isn't it?

    • Hi BTY

      Couldn't agree more with the sentiment.

      The reason Fletcher looks more like AC than AC does is that the team is set up to play to his strengths. When Newcastle was set up with AC as the main man his performances were good. He won't get the same luxury at Liverpool and will need to adapt his game to be successful with us.