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  • Raaj Raaj Dec 5, 2011 21:58 Flag

    4th place...

    With results like tonight....not a chance.....another VITAL 3 points bite the dust....

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    • At the end of the day we're not good enough.......the table doesn't lie and all that.
      We are desperate for a striker who can put the ball in the net regularly, its been nearly a year for Carroll now, he should be making more progress, and the fact is, he isnt or he'd be playing more often. I get the feeling we bought him so nobody else would.
      We'll be lucky to qualify for the europa league never mind top four.I do wish Kenny would stop f*ckin around with the team. Injuries are an excuse to do so, but why change the team from that which beat Chelsea last week?

    • Liverpool controlled the game but again glaringly obvious there is a serious lack of GOALSCORERS. Other top teams apart from Arsenal have at least THREE. Even Suarez is not scoring. Can't keep fantasising about Carroll, Henderson and Downing improving.

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      • Yes where are our game deciders?

        Who do we bring on who we know change make the impact and change things around?

        I'll tell who...

        NOBODY !!

        Aquilani & Mereiles brought flare even Cole did.. and we've got rid of them for who?

        Players who make us predictable..

        We used to be the team others feared... now we're the team others expect to get a result against..

        Case in point Fulham..

        In the old days 70's & 80's we'd destroy the likes of Fulham..

        Now we struggle against them????

        Something is seriously wrong at the club..

        Johnson really is a wing back yet we don't play a wing- back system . So he should be therefore be made a winger and have a proper right back in his place..

        We have no target man when Downing does crosses, so who is he crossing the ball to?

      • True, who are these 3 top strikers at the other clubs you mention?

    • Every time we don't get a result someone comes on here and writes the whole team off, I don't remember the same people writing praise after the last few great performances. Yes fourth will be hard, and of course losing against fulham will not help. But this was our first game without Lucas, we still played pretty well, Fulham are not a bad side, and for f*ck sake support the team! Andy Carrol plays for Liverpool player, he is a Liverpool player. So get behind him!!!!

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      • I'll get behind him and support him when he does the job he's paid to do...

        Thats to score goals routinely..

        So far he's hit the woodwork coutless times and missed shots he should've buried..

        He's a striker.. a striker scores goals.. Carroll isn't scoring goals so what good is he?

      • Well said Aurelio.

        With three point wins and only 14 games out of 38 gone, it is far too early to write off Liverpool.

        Injuries will affect form, mid season slumps will occur, now is the time to keep heads down and look to grind out results and bank points.

        The great LFC teams of the 70s and 80s did just that, one forgets how many 'lucky' wins they had or how off form they would be when winning 1-0, but the reality is that points in the bank win championships.

        I thought you were a littel unlucky against Fulham, although I agree that Fulham are a very decent team.

    • I'm having severe difficulty in even seeing 6th place right now. Just a minor niggle about tonight (as well as throwing 3 points away)....how come Maxi never even got on?
      The little guy is hot at the moment and if my memory is correct didnt he score a hat trick in this fixture last year.....dear oh dear

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      • You having doubts about Kenny?

        Afterall he picks the squad and buys them..

        He should've known Maxi was good against Fulham last season as Kenny was at the club then...

        Something isn't right..
        Should we have kept on to Torres regardless of his gripes..

        I know that discussion has been done to death..

        Our attack looks weak..

        Bellamy & Kuyt are too old.. Which leaves us with 2 strikers effectively in Suarez & Carroll..

        Carroll is very hit and miss .. more miss than hit..

        So really we've only one good striker..

        Little wonder we don't finish things off cos theirs no one there..

        If we're really thinking of the team then: Kuyt, Bellamy, Carragher need to be moved on.. or Carragher moved into coaching..

        We got rid of Pachecho yet another player who would've added extra depth.. and a striker at that..

        So we get rid of creative players who're capable of adding flare and inventive play.. Aquilani, Torres, Merieles, Cole, Pacheco...

        Then we wonder why we don't win?

    • All points are vital now.. we simply can't afford to lose or draw anymore games..

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      • well sorry to be a realist but we will lose or draw again this season,so will everyone else with the possible exception of Man City.
        But as long as they are every on the back of 11 or 12 match unbeaten runs, we will be higher than where we are now.
        Remember we are where we are, and we haven't really played exceptionally well for a full 90 mins yet.
        I remember a jug eared scouser called peter reid saying"when i was a manager and we won a game well I didn't tell myself I was the best manager in the world.Likewise if we lost, I didn't become the worst manager overnight"
        A bit of perspective please.
        In the space of 2 weeks, we've held the runaway leaders to a draw, and beaten Chelski twice on their own patch.And everyone was saying "what a squad, we're back, now watch us go"
        And I know now we'll get the "it's not good enough,we're LFC" and "why should we settle for this?"
        So can anyone put a alternative out there? apart from "let's buy A,B,C AND Messi.
        We either give Kenny,his staff, and ALL his players our support,or we go the Chelsea route and have a new manager every year.
        They are the ones with the coaching badges,experience and in Kenny and Steve Clarke's cases title winning credentials.
        We are supporters which the definition is "people who backs a sports team"
        That is what we need to do.

    • Nice to see you back on the board Raaj. It’s been a while since you last posted I think, actually I think the last post I saw from you was following our last poor result. Was it after the Swansea match?

      Is that a coincidence, or have you always been nothing been a naysayer? Not much of a supporter I think.

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      • Its just a coincidence why I raised this point is because its an important fact of the team, that can't be glossed over with results against the "BIG TEAMS"....this problem of struggling against the teams on lower end of the league has been there for quite some time, was even there during Benitez's reign...having a lack of a killer touch in front of goal....when Torres and Gerrard were injured questions were raised are the likes of Ngog/Voronin et all good enough to step in? Now there is a similar problem as well, with the Carroll/Suarez partnership not exactly firing on all cylinders, who'd step into the breach, or is that back-up goal predator? Its sad to see the club drifting in and out of 6th-7th place when the likes of Tottenham are marching on, and showing the kind of form LFC should be showing by now!!

        Lets see what happens at QPR onwards....rant over...

    • Yep I couldn't agree more..

      Where's the striker to meet and convert these crosses?

      I'll tell u where...

      We have no such player..

      Hence why we don't kill off teams and crosses go to waste..

      If we're gonna play down the flanks.. then we need a tall striker to meet and convert those crosses.. or even a tall midfieilder..

      Just any1 who can head a ball on target and score..

      Thats all we need..
      Otherwise we play the ball on the ground and dribble past players..

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      • This is Deja-Vu of when Benitez got the team to 2nd place, but because of the huge amount of draws cost the one and only chance in the past 20 years to win the premier league title....why is it the same old story with this team, put on a peformance against the BIG teams, yet when it comes to the likes of Wigan, Bolton, Norwich, Swansea, and now Fulham, the team struggles? This problem has been going on for years, its not something that has just appeared in Dalglish's reign......who here AGREES it was a huge BLUNDER in letting go the likes of AQUILANI and MERILIES instead of Downing and Henderson....

    • Haha steer, mock me all you like. I choose when to post and what. I don't come here to make friends or post cheery happy lengthy posts like yours.

      If I choose to challenge and not arse lick then that's my perogative. If you choose to run with the hare and the hounds then that's yours too.

      Glad to be back;) thank you

    • If played up front regularly Rooney Berbatov or Hernandez will get 20 goals. Djeko Aguerro Balotelli Silva. Drogba Mata Lampard. Arsenal only have RVP. Liverpool have one of the poorest goals for records so far. You have to go back to Michael Owen and early Torres.