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  • Hobsey Hobsey Dec 6, 2011 10:11 Flag

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man

    With the team ticking along so strongly, you would be forgiven for thinking how will Stevie Gerrard fit in to our line up. With Adam and Lucas providing that natural blend you even heard a few asking if he was done here. There is no doubt in my mind that Stevie must be in agony sitting there watching Luis, Craig, Enrique and co thinking its been years since he has been allowed to play with that sort of quality.
    I dont see him as being the same player unless Liverpool 'need' him, coming into a side playing well already just doesnt seem to be the way the story should be told. With Lucas out for the season it was time for Jay Spearing to take that well documented chance that hes been talking up, he blew it horrifically. It has been about a year since the last time their has been a big stir of supporters and the team 'needing' the skipper back and now is his time to answer the call.
    There is a gaping hole in that midfield and with a blip to tarnish an impressive run, there has never been a better time for the worlds most influential midfielder to step up to the table and show the world what Liverpool and the premier league have been missing.

    Either that or he will be injured straight away and we will have to make do with that bizarre looking hawk of a man Jonjo.

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    • Good to see him back, always liked Gerrard, a quality player and 100% comittted on the field.

      I've a lot of time for him.

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      • As nevertopthekop mentioned earlier the quality of the crossing put the rest to shame.
        Thankfully it's not unique to LFC. It is quite bewildering how many wingers,who are primarily there to provide the ammunition,fail so many times.When you consider that the two best crossers of a ball, Beckham and Gerrard,don't follow the mantra of "get to the deadball line" and more and more clubs employ "wingers" who cut in,are we seeing the death of the true wing man?
        One thing I am sure of,if he stays fit, and continues to provide crosses of the quality of last night we will start to see the man who Kenny thought he was signing for 35million

    • Hmm so we're back to relying on Gerrard to win us games are we? Either as coming on asa sub to motivate players or to score himself?

      It concerns me that we're so reliant on him..

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      • My response would be. Name one side in the Premiership that wouldn't want Gerrards contribution to their game? I certainly can't think of one and that includes City.

        Good to see him back, fresh and keen. I'm sure Carroll will improve with Gerrard about. Torres did (look at him now) but I still think the big man needs to work on his mobiltiy and the timing of his runs. That side hasn't clicked with the rest of the squad yet.

      • you are quite frankly the most negative liverpool supporter i have ever come across. what do you want? we won 3-0, bellamy scored two of those goals, and overall there were a lot of very good performances throughout the team. we are considerably closer to where we need to be than last season, and gerrard has only just started playing again. you consistently beg for extremely high priced players whose wages would be way out of line with the clubs new ethos. you constantly ask for young, and new players to be moved on (henderson/carrol) and fail to see that we are moving quite quickly in the right direction. you are somehow even more annoying than those fans from other clubs who come on here to aggrevate on purpose! . . . . .. actually . . . . .are you one of them?

    • Hi Hobs,
      I don't think we've performed that badly without him.I suppose what you've got to remember that Stevie G coming back is like signing a £50M+ player when he's back and playing!
      There aren't many other players in any team that can compare to him on the day.
      One thing that struck me last night is that he appeared to be the only player that knew how to provide the perfect cross for Carroll !
      Adam, Downing and Henderson just don't have that quality yet but I'm sure they'll get there.
      Another thing I found ironic last night is the 2 footed tackle on Spearing when the guy didn't even get the ball like Jay did at Fulham and he got away with!
      That's basically Kenny's grievance with the FA when you see the inconsistency and poor refereeing in the Prem, not just with us but most teams, (Manure excepted)!

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      • Completely agree. Its not that we've played bad without Stevie, it just that now we get to benefit (assuming he stays healthy) from that extra bit of quality a world class player provides.

        I think it’s also important to point out as you have, while others have not provided the quality balls to Carroll that Stevie did, that does not mean they can't. It just means they've yet to reach that level. All the players we've relied on to serve to Carroll, Downing, Adam and Henderson are all new to the club. Henderson, who I'm beginning to have high hopes for, is really still learning his trade, so to expect him to emulate someone that most would consider world class is a bit of a harsh grade.

        On the tackle on Jay, I've not been on the internet or seen much TV the last few days, but I'm surprised (unless I missed it) that there was not action taken after the fact. Its disappointing the ref missed it, but they are human and have only one pair of eyes. However the replay to me shows it was not just a late challenge, but a full on studs up lunge and Jay's leg well have the ball had gone. Jay was very lucky not to have broken his leg.

    • His cameo against Newcastle was simply brilliant. Anyone who thought for a second that he was done, take a look at that last 30 mins. It was like the old days, everytime he got the ball the expectation level raised, not just by our fans but the opposition must have been bricking it watching those inch perfect crosses dropping on the 6ft4 breeze block. It might sound like I am blowing his trumpet too much but in 30 mins he played Carroll in with a sublime lobbed through pass, put 3 balls on his head, made an athletic burst into the box (leaving man of the minute Tiote for dead) and finished wrong footed, inch perfectly. Just the little graceful bits of skill and turns had me making strange noises like a kid at a fireworks show!

      The one thing that concerns me a little is that when he came on we played as a team, not always looking for him but I wonder that given a bit of time we may revert to feeding him just purely because of the class clearly displayed last night. I hope it wont happen but when you have someone that special in your team, it will be difficult not too.