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    Rather difficult to understand............

    ...........how our Reds can draw with United , draw with City ( and in fact be deserving of wins in both matches against the Manchester sides ) , win away at Arsenal , win away twice at Chelsea ( in other words play well against all the Big fish in the pond ).......and yet stumble and fall against the minnows.

    I'm sure that you are all as frustrated as I am. Madness. What is it....lack of leadership? lack of focus? lack of killer instinct? Just gutted that our lads don't seem to want to claw their way into the top four. Where is the hunger? The pride? Terribly terribly disappointing.

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    • I dont ever see us play lacking in effort against the smaller clubs at all, in fact against Fulham and Swansea when we are feeling frustration watching it, you can see the players doing exactly the same. I think we miss a little bit of finesse in that final 3rd.

      Against Chelsea, Arsenal, City etc. (Not United the way they set up at ours this year) the teams set out to play you, the defences push a little higher and the wingers and attackers stay higher up the pitch, basicly, they set up to win. That leaves us loads more space to attack on the break and it opens the game up.

      When we play against Fulham,Swansea etc they obviously sit deeper and first of all try not to get beat then suck us up the pitch allowing them to break dangerously and try to be efficient in the spells of possesion that they do have. Ultimately, we win more then we lose against the 'smaller' teams but there is definitely a ruthless streak missing or even a lack of finesse.

      I dont want to start saying we miss him but in a game when your dominating, someone like Aquilani can find a tiny pocket to put a forward in, even Meireles used to do that. To be honest, Maxi is the man for these sorts of games, he is ice cool and has amazing positional awareness, right now he is our best bet to unlock a drilled unit.

    • No disrespect to the guy who said top teams take it for granted that they will beat the lesser teams so get beat, but raise their game for the big games........................If of all clubs Liverpool haven't learned that they don't just have to turn up to win against lesser teams...............Then they must be damn thick!!

      It is happening now under KD, it did under RH and also under RB! There is more to it than complacency

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      • It's a winning mentality thats what seperates us from those who've won the EPL and those that haven't..

        Maybe a rethink by Kenny or & the board is needed?

        As this runs deeper than just this season..

        As you pointed out it was like this under RB, RH and now under KD's 2nd spell at LFC..

        Thing is we've lots of players under RB still here..

        When you've got used to the habit of just accepting you'll not be winning any titles.. it'll feed through the entire team..

        Perhaps we need to clear out the squad and start anew..

        I know it's radical suggestion.. but the rot needs to be stopped somehow..

        We should put up all the players for sale until they get their act together..

        I know something drastic needs to be done..

        Not a good advert for LFC for top players to come here.. if we're prepared to settle for a 4th place.. rather than say "we don't accept for 2nd best" .. didn't one of our best managers say " 2nd is nowhere"..

        Or words to that effect..

        We should change our motto from "You'll Never Walk Alone" to "Second Is nowhere.."

    • We should be good enough to beat these "minnows", as we should expect them to raise their game..

      Yet still beat them convincingly..

      As it's these teams who determine our league position..

    • not that difficult to understand if you consider:

      a. this is a highly competitive league unlike the la liga, spl, etc.
      b. perhaps these 'minnows' raise their game when playing pool..... remember most of the players are from an age group where they 'grew up' knowing pool as the powerhouse/team to beat....


    • Seems to me the players take it for granted they'll beat the smaller clubs.. so don't try to beat them.. ...

      Hence we get caught out..

      Rather than dominating them from the kick off whistle to end of game whistle..