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  • mel n mel n Dec 14, 2011 08:38 Flag

    Torres for sale!!!!

    I understand your views Andrew but the saying "form is temporary but class is permanent" would seem to be tailor made for Torres. As you have rightly pointed out the guy is suffering a dip in form but he is still a classy player, with the right management and right atmosphere there is no reason he cant regain his sharpness in front of goal. Carroll on the other hand may display good form once in a while but there is no denying that compared to Torres he is a no-hoper.

    Torres would not be the first "prodigal son" to come back so to speak, Ian Rush had a dreadful year at Juve but when he came to us continued scoring like he had never left. Who knows Torres might just do the same. And if we get him for 20million it would be like we had loaned him to Chelsea for 30 million pounds. The thing is we are creating chances by the bucketful and with Torres in the side some of those easy chances may just get converted.

    As I said in my post there is very little chance this could happen but I am sure that I am not the only fan who wishes it would, just like you are not the only one Andrew who does not want it to happen.

    It's just a thought,

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