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  • Hobsey Hobsey Dec 14, 2011 12:41 Flag

    Torres for sale!!!!

    Its not going to happen, this is just because he has been benched for the in form Drogba. This is Abramovichs love child, he will be going nowhere. If he was available then I would be delighted, no question but its too many ifs and buts.

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    • What many don't seem to realise is football is a business.. It's rare thsat a player these days that a player stays with the same club for the rest of their career..

      Whats usual is a player will go where they feel they'll have the most success personally then for the club..

      Obviously Torres felt at the time he'd have better success with us when he left Atletico Madrid to come to us.. or wanted a fresh challenge?

      Maybe as things stood with us at the time he felt he could only do so much and was looking for a fresh challenge so Chelsea came knocking..

      Thing is he didn't know, as it would seem that his style wasn't a good match for Chelsea?

      I guess a player only finds out once they get playing for that team..

      Despite the emotion some people are showing on here regarding Torres or any player that leaves us for that matter..

      Would former players such as Torres fit into our existing set up?

      Owen could but he's getting on a bit.. so he'd only be an impact player at best..

      As for Torres yes I'd be interested to see how a Suarez / Torres partnership would work..

      I imagine Suarez would play deeper behind Torres and supply / create chances for Torres or they'd interchange..

      We'd be dangerous to play against, especially since we've probably one of the best midfield /defence in the league..

      Just our strikeforce thats weak..

    • hobitez...would u really want this guy back ??? Would u also accept Michael Owen back?...these players have no sense of loyalty.....Have him back ? ...NO !!!

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      • It broke my heart when he left, it really did. I think my personal hatred has mellowed somewhat. I used to love him having stinkers but for some reason I still kinda support him in a way, I kinda want him to prove people wrong, which is really weird. I guess if he got his game back and Chelsea fans were rubbing our noses in it then I would hate him again :)

        The thing is, whilst we demand loyality and expect it from our players, he is spanish, came to England to win trophies having seen how strong we were in the Champions league and with a huge spanish contingent, got promised we would buy this player and that player, will be moving to this stadium for the 10/11 season etc. Then what actually happens is we finish 7th, they sack his bearded mummy and we bring in the driest old prune of a manger and his ridiculous cronies Koncheskey, Poulsen etc and proceed to make our centre backs kick balls at him up front on his own.

        He got offered instant CL, double salary and lets remember, hes never won a club medal in his life and is 27 going on 45. Yes, it was horrible when he left but we are all fond of Alonso still because he explained his reasons for leaving and no one seems to have big issues from Mascherano anymore, is it just because hes in England?

        I would have had Owen back after his season in Madrid and even after Newcastle, yes he left us for £8m (plus Antonio Nunez, so we will call that £8m then) but he always wanted to come back here, even after he passed his United medical he offered himself to us again for less money. Now hes been there, I wouldnt want him back, all the little comments have dirtied him too much, when he retires he will still have been a legend but he cant ever come back now.

      • Sure I'll have them back if they bring us success..

        Rush left for Juve and then came back.. were fans saying "we don't want him back".. I doubt it...

        Just like if Torres comes back & Owen and they give us the title..

        Afterall thats all that matters isn't it? What matters most? Titles & trophies? Or players that are loyal but never win us nowt?

      • Colin, I normally always try to give people the benefit of the doubt and plenty of opportunity for a second chance, but on this one I think you and I are in the same mind. Until I know for sure any player who has not just left us, but asked to leave us, has had a change of heart and really wants back because he wants to play for Liverpool FC its best to go our separate ways. There is no need for acrimony, if a player wants to play elsewhere then fair enough, but that does not mean we have to bend over backward because he found the grass not quite a green elsewhere as he thought it would be.

        But the other side to this is whether he'd actually make us better, and on that front I'm not convinced. Torres on form is one of the world’s best, and I was thrilled to have him with us. But I think most are thinking about the first 2 years he was with us, and think we are the same team. We are not.

        Torres is at his best as a lone front man, or as part of a 3 man front where he is the focal point. When we played 4-5-1 with Gerrard trailing, or Alonso feeding balls from deep he thrived. But he never had real chemistry with a strike partner, so I don't see him creating more than the sum of their parts if we partnered him with Suarez. To get the best out of those two in the same line up, I think we'd have to push Suarez wide into a supporting role, which means we loose much of what he brings to the game, namely the unpredictability when running at defenders in the box, and the ability to create something from nothing, all on his own.