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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Dec 17, 2011 11:22 Flag

    Torres for sale!!!!

    What many don't seem to realise is football is a business.. It's rare thsat a player these days that a player stays with the same club for the rest of their career..

    Whats usual is a player will go where they feel they'll have the most success personally then for the club..

    Obviously Torres felt at the time he'd have better success with us when he left Atletico Madrid to come to us.. or wanted a fresh challenge?

    Maybe as things stood with us at the time he felt he could only do so much and was looking for a fresh challenge so Chelsea came knocking..

    Thing is he didn't know, as it would seem that his style wasn't a good match for Chelsea?

    I guess a player only finds out once they get playing for that team..

    Despite the emotion some people are showing on here regarding Torres or any player that leaves us for that matter..

    Would former players such as Torres fit into our existing set up?

    Owen could but he's getting on a bit.. so he'd only be an impact player at best..

    As for Torres yes I'd be interested to see how a Suarez / Torres partnership would work..

    I imagine Suarez would play deeper behind Torres and supply / create chances for Torres or they'd interchange..

    We'd be dangerous to play against, especially since we've probably one of the best midfield /defence in the league..

    Just our strikeforce thats weak..