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  • Robert M Robert M Dec 14, 2011 14:50 Flag

    Torres for sale!!!!

    Blimey - how fickle are you lot? First you love him, then he dares gets transferred away and he's public enemy number one and you couldn't wait to get rid of him all of a sudden, then a sub-moronic newspaper makes up a story about him conceivably moving on again and you all start wa^H^H salivating about having him back.

    Make up your minds!

    And if anyone wants a bet that he'll move on in the next couple of transfer windows, let me know. I don't see him going anywhere any time soon.


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    • I would bet anything he will be going nowhere come January, when he does leave, it will be back to Spain I am sure. I bet Barca and Madrid would have him all day long.
      Anelka is gone 1st Jan, thats done. Drogba is rumoured to want out in Jan too which I think is unlikely but he will be of to the Afrocup along with Kalou and Mikel which leaves Chelsea with just the 2 out and out strikers in Fernando and the unfavoured Lukaku.
      If anything, they will be bringing in a striker and I wouldnt be suprised to see them move for a quicker centre half to allow AVB to play his 'defend on the oppositions 18 yard box' tactic.

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      • Mikel's not going to Africa.

        Come January we can choose for our front three from: Mata, Torres, Sturridge, Malouda, Lukaku. I'd expect to see Mata, Torres and Sturridge as regulars for the league matches with Malouda and Lukaku playing against Pompey in the cup. I think this gives Torres a few games to play himself in. It's got to happen sometime. If he doesn't manage to hit the net, we score plenty of goals from midfield and even defence.


    • Football is a fickle business Robert, one moment Anceloti was winning the double for you guys and the next moment you were firing him. As they say there is a thin line between love and hate, the moment someone you love betrays you, you hate them, but if you decide to forgive them then you love them back again. That is just how it is.

      The biggest thrill would be getting Torres back and keeping 30 million quid of Roman's ill-gotten gains. And then having Torres scoring against them in the return match at Anfield.

      It is obviously not going to happen, but there is no harm in dreaming, is there?

      Colin, ever heard of the word, FORGIVE?

    • Firstly Robert , the majority of liverpool fans that I know would not want torres back.
      I wouldnt want him back not based on ill feeling but because he is not worth the 25 mil we would probably have to pay.
      And I agree I dont see him leaving chelsea as I dont see the club sanctioning a bid that would lose them 20 plus mill and you wouldnt get anyone prepared to offer anything near abramovich's 50m.....if they did though you would be snatch there hand off.