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  • Delphi Delphi Dec 19, 2011 10:56 Flag


    Carroll is not producing and there is lots of talk about improving in the future. But he is not getting regular starts due to not producing the goods. Vicious circle. Why not loan him out foor the rest of the season to another PL Club. That might bring him on. Remember Sturridge and Welbeck were loaned out and look at them now.

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    • I don't think we have enough cover to loan him out and I'm not sure he would go in any case.

    • Seriously? The lad had 10 minutes yesterday, had the support player behind him pulled, so got no service, but yet the buzzards are circling again.

      Carroll is not getting games right now because others are getting the business done. That is a great thing. The fault is not Carroll's its Bellamy's, and so long as the Welshman remains hot Carroll's not going to get in the side.

      But lets also be realistic, we could loose Suarez tomorrow depending on how the so called 3 wise men rule. If that is the case we're going to need Carroll to step up. But even if the panel rules in Suarez's favor there is still a place in the squad for Carroll.

      He only got a few minutes yesterday, and not a shot on goal, so I'm sure the usual voices on here will slate him. But Villa also got a number of free kicks late in the game, and the majority were defended successfully by Carroll. He was not thrown on to score another goal, he was thrown on to keep him match fit, keep his confidence up, provide an outlet, and ensure we did not give away a silly late goal. That may not be sexy for those who call for him to be replaced, but it was a job that needed doing, and Andy got it done.

    • If we are goiung to loan him out why not loan him to Blackpool FC look at the sterling jobn they did for Jon Jo Shelvey hes come back to us a much improverd player and frankly the though the Championship is a very tough competetive division he might get the goals that would be an immense boost to hios confidence and come back to us a goal machine...Jon Jo scored 6 for Blackpool in 9 outings.