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  • Ricky Y Ricky Y Dec 20, 2011 03:49 Flag

    Can someone explain?

    Can someone explain why we always play better in the 1st half and then fall off the slope in the 2nd half? The statistics tell everything: We scored total 20 goals and conceded 13. In the 1st half we scored 11 goals against 3 conceded. But in the 2nd half, we scored 9 but concede 10!

    The Villa game we started well, I know Suarez was unlucky by hitting the poles twice, but surely twe were 2-0 up in 15 minutes and Villa all but surrendered, surely we should have hammered them by at least 4 or 5 goals!

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    • Hey Ricky - I know that you are right over the course of the season but I don't think it was the case against Villa. Despite scoring 2 goals in the first half we actually had one of our poorest performances in my opinion. The second half was much better.

      As for more generally, I think that maybe our high pressing game takes its toll and we slow down in the second half.

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      • As said, I was not strictly referring to the Villa game, and perhaps falling off the cliff may be too strong a phrase to use, but nonetheless, I do feel that in general our 2nd half performance is poorer than the 1st half. Off my head there were a few games where I remember we played very poorly in the 2nd half, including games that we won: the opening game against Sunderlandl the lost to Stoke; we won at Arsenal and Everton, but it was because they were down in numbers and we really should have capitalised more on the advantage.

    • The main thing is we won Ricky mate. Yeah it would have been nice to have scored a boat load but we still won.

      You could also say we play better away from home as well. Now that to me is more of a worry.