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  • Aurelio Aurelio Dec 20, 2011 21:28 Flag

    8 game ban could be good for us?

    Imagine this scenario: The club will appeal the conviction, this will at least delay the suspension until after we have had time to sort out a replacement in January. The owners know that missing Suarez for 8 games will seriously dent our chances of fourth so are now far more likely to invest in a quality striker. Throwing money at strikers in January obviously doesn't always work out, but it just might leave us with two world class men up front.

    Suarez might be guilty, if he is he deserves what he gets. None of us know what happened.

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    • I thought you would say it is good for us in the sense that it might give Andy Carroll a chance to prove his worth without the pressure of competing with Suarez in the same arena.

      Personally I think that the club should not appeal as doing so might send the wrong message, that Liverpool condones racism. It is possible that Suarez is innocent but the evidence seems to imply guilt as well. The fact that he claims that what he said is not considered racist in Uruguay is damning at best. Ignorance has never and will never be a defence for anything, it does not matter what he said, if it was meant to offend or rile Evra and had something to do with his being black then that is racist. The fact that it is totally acceptable in Uruguay is neither here nor there.

      Liverpool should try and put this behind us and hopefully Suarez learns from his mistake (which I very much doubt after his finger incident at Fulham). I dont think we will miss him as much as we would have missed Torres at his lethal best as Suarez does not score as many goals and does not create a lot either.

      My view is that we should inform the powers that be that there will be no appeal and Suarez can start his ban starting with the Wigan game. We are due to play six games over the next month so his absence will not be for long.

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      • If Liverpool could get the ban reduced it might even be good for Suarez. He`s played a lot of football this year and a rest in the middle of the season would ensure that he enters the business end of the season reasonably fresh.

      • Mel, what evidence? According to the clubs official statement the evidence is just the word or Patrice Evra as no one else on the pitch heard a dickey bird.

        I know the press reported he said something that was a common Latin American term, but actually I don't think we heard that directly from Suarez or the club, so I got to assume the clubs official statement might be a bit closer to what evidence was actually presented and used during the hearing.