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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Dec 23, 2011 18:24 Flag

    Alex fergusons team can do no wrong!!!

    But now your making things up we obviously don't know. We believe Suarez used the word Negrita because the press tells us he did. Of course he's not admitted he did to the press, just not denied it, so we all make the leap that he must have said it. But even the press has not given us any clues on the context of how the word was used, so why do you presume to know?

    You’re absolutely right I could go around all day saying the word "black" and offend no-one. But then just utter it with a different context and risk getting my teeth knocked out. Context does matter.

    However, the press and others keep saying he said Negrita, and that Negrita is the equivalent to the "N" word (I won't spell it out but I'm pretty sure you know what word I'm referring to). So please show me some contexts where you can say that "N" word and you are confident no one will be offended.

    So simple question going back to your own example, Is Negrita the equivalent of the "N" word (that I won't spell out) or equivalent of the word black?

    It seems to me if it’s the first you'll have a hard time writing it or saying it under almost any context without offending someone, yet as I said in my earlier post people are writing it here all day long, as well as the newspapers printing it. But if the later, equivalent to black, it all depends on what you say next to it. I don't know what he might have said next to it, and I'm pretty sure you don't either, so I have to assume if you think Negrita is equivalent to black, and you think Suarez must have said some words next to it to ensure the context was offensive, you must be guessing what those contextual words are, or as I said, making it up.