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  • Tim Tim Dec 24, 2011 17:11 Flag

    Alex fergusons team can do no wrong!!!

    I suppose Alex Ferguson must have been behind John Mackie's 8 match ban for using racist language in 2003. And Rooney's 2 match ban for swearing last year as well as Rio Ferdinand's 9 month ban for missing a drugs test, Evra's 4 match ban for an after-match fracas and his own bans such as the 5 match touchline ban he got last season...

    United are hated because we are successful and success breeds jelousy and envy and ultimately hate. Never fear though, the way Liverpool and some of their supporters have reacted to this incident (check Stan Collymore's twitter and a Patrice Evra facebook page) means that is one table where you now have a very good chance of overtaking United in the near future. Point the finger at others, never apologise, never admit doing anything wrong, lose dignity, lose the respect of the average person. The general concensus is that Liverpool are wrong on this issue. The only people who have said otherwise are Liverpool supporters.