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  • Havin_A_Red_Day_? Havin_A_Red_Day_? Dec 21, 2011 18:30 Flag

    Alex fergusons team can do no wrong!!!

    How is it that Unitedes own Wayne Rooney can have his ban turned over with the full support of the FA in regards to his blatant kick at another player during that euro 2012 qualifyer and another Manchester United player this times Patrice Evra words taken over Luis Suarezs and given enough credence to get Suarez banned for eight games if this isnt a complete farce I really dont know what is, I really hope uruguays government get involed here and put this straight with the FA because this is blatant favoritism

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    • I beg to differ Tim, we don't know the context of the sentence in which the word (which officially we don't know but are assuming based on press reports) was used.

      What you’re referring to is the overall context of the day. A football match, and yes one that has often created a charged atmosphere. But to assume just because its a highly contested match there must have been abusive language is a very long leap. Are you suggesting its normal in such games?

      The key here is, what word did he actually say. Do both agree as it seems there are no other witnesses. How did he use that word? We assume the panel based on their judgment felt one or more of these findings indicated their was racial abuse, but until we see what their full finding of fact are, and their reasoning for deciding the case, we are at best making assumptions, at worst just guessing.

      But here's a couple guesses, maybe he said:

      "Now, now, calm down my Negrito" as they both walked away from teh ref getting ready for the corner.


      "Maybe he said your a right Negrito you are" again as they walked to the goal mouth.

      One of those I'd feel very offended by, the other rises to the level of being patronizing at best.

    • Oh dear, where have you been the last few decades?

      You think it's just fine and dandy to walk up to a black person on the street and say "Hey, negro"?


      "Oi, whaddya hit me for? I was just stating facts."


    • For the last time, it is not up to anybody to decide whether a word means the same thing in every possible circunstance and context. Suarez had no reason to remind Evra of his skin colour during a football match. Had he not used any such word (and then subsequently admitted he had done so), he would not be banned. His stupidity has cost you, but you paint him as the victim, Evra as the instigator and argue semantics about the offensiveness of a word which he had no reason to use in the first place.

    • I suppose Alex Ferguson must have been behind John Mackie's 8 match ban for using racist language in 2003. And Rooney's 2 match ban for swearing last year as well as Rio Ferdinand's 9 month ban for missing a drugs test, Evra's 4 match ban for an after-match fracas and his own bans such as the 5 match touchline ban he got last season...

      United are hated because we are successful and success breeds jelousy and envy and ultimately hate. Never fear though, the way Liverpool and some of their supporters have reacted to this incident (check Stan Collymore's twitter and a Patrice Evra facebook page) means that is one table where you now have a very good chance of overtaking United in the near future. Point the finger at others, never apologise, never admit doing anything wrong, lose dignity, lose the respect of the average person. The general concensus is that Liverpool are wrong on this issue. The only people who have said otherwise are Liverpool supporters.

    • Alex ferguson manipulates and influences all he touches. The overkill on the suarez 8 game suspension is just the latest in an endless list of rubbish decisions manipulated by ferguson. While his own rooney gets a free pass , any opposition player must be crucified for offenses far less harmful than rooney's. And mouthpiece yapping buffoons like buttkissing paul parker preach their biased diatribe from on high. But ferguson the dinosaur will die off soon enough. Pleasant thought that. Keep manipulating , baconface , how's the heart , have another scotch.

      You manUres wonder why you are the most hated side in England. Use your tiny brains , it may come to you.

    • If Evra felt that Suarez abused him contrary to the FA rules (and general decency) then he has every right to "point an accusatory finger". The panel agreed with Evra's accusation, and they have much more evidence available to them than Ian bloody Wright has.

      ""it sets a dangerous precedent " if black sports persons just idily go around accusing non blacks of being racist without 3rd party impartial evidence"

      You do not need third party impartial evidence if the offender admits it and several of his countrymen also make comments that establish his guilt in the use of certain words. The evidence against Suarez was provided by Suarez himself. If he'd have kept his mouth shut he would not have been banned.

    • In addition you had to identify them without pointing at that person.. whats the problem then by determing whose who? Should the said people need to be identified? It's how we determine whose who by pigeon holing people..

      Of course it all comes down to the manner how it's said to the other person.. if it was meant ina nasty, hateful way then yes thats racist..

      Did Suarez intend it to be in a hateful manner.. thats the key here.. Suaurez seems to suggest not..

    • Ok then lets say their were an asian, a white european and a black perrson all female stood in a group and you had to identify that person..

      Surely it's not racist to refer to that person as a black woman? Because they actually are black.. but it's not racist to do so.. or is it? because if it is then it's politicial correctness gone mad..

    • Actually I'd read contary to that.. that Evra and Suarez are friends... so what then?

    • Lests not forget this only became public cos of Evra pointing an accusing finger..

      As Ian Wright supposedly said.. "it sets a dangerous precedent " if black sports persons just idily go around accusing non blacks of being racist without 3rd party impartial evidence..

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