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  • Robert M Robert M Dec 22, 2011 00:19 Flag

    Should LFC apologise to Evra?

    For incorrectly claiming evra had made "prior unfounded allegations" of racism?


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    • everyone concerned with LFC should be on bended knees apologising for that despicable, disgusting behaviour of that racial abuser! Plus they should be apologising for that pathetic statement they issued after Suarez was found GUILTY.

    • How can a independent board make a ruling when their were no other witnesses..

      It's Suarez's word against Evra's and in that case they cancel each other out surely?

      Therefore no case & no punishment...

    • Ha ha, 'Kick fatties of planes' is the name of my new campaign.

      I have heard the appeal might not be till Feb now, its just getting ridiculous. I see Jay Spearings ban is up, its a real shame he isnt shouting racist comments around, an 8 game ban for him would do us wonders.

    • Yes ... if they are incorrect they should apologise unreservedly.

    • I have read it and other posts of yours several times. You think they shouldn't apologise. That's the only conclusion I can see. If you think my conclusion is wrong, tell me clearly and we'll move on.

      Retracting and clarifying is not the same. and as you keep pointing out to me, they seem in no hurry to do that either.


    • Robert please read the first paragraph of my last post. I think you find no one is disagreeing with you, and if your not careful you'll end up talking to yourself.

    • I can only conclude that when the football club you support libels somebody, and knows it's libelled that person, you don't think an apology is in order.

      And elsewhere you talk about the marvellous values LFC is defending.


    • Robert I'm not sure what point your arguing now, unless you’re arguing for arguments sake? I and others have already said the club stepped over the line by attacking Evra in the statement, and I think it would be wise to either retract that portion or clarify the statement.

      But that is very separate from your call that Suarez should apologize to Evra.

      Yes Suarez was talking to him, and Evra was doing a lot of talking back. I'm sure Suarez was trying to get under Evra's skin, and as far as I know playing the game of football by physical as well as psychological means is not against the rules. As far as I know as I saw Evra doing a lot of talking, he might have been trying to wind Suarez up also, although based on their respective performances with the ball; it seems Suarez got the up hand.

      The question however is not who talked to who which is perfectly in bounds, but whether any of that, for the lack of a better word "Banter" rose to the level of abuse, or racial abuse? The panel concluded it did, based on evidence we have not seen. Presumably LFC has seen that evidence so one has to assume they are reacting to what they see as the wrong interpretation of the evidence.

      So long as either LFC or Suarez himself feels they did nothing wrong, no mater whether he's found guilty or his appeal is not upheld, he has no obligation to apologize. It might actually be beneficial in his appeal if he did (The last player I'm aware of, John Mackie while at Reading, who was charged and banned for racial abuse did have his ban reduced after apologizing and donating money to charity), however if its a hollow apology I'd actually prefer he did not, and would respect him more if he stuck to his principles rather than bow to public opinion.

    • To be honest, the longer this goes on, the more it looks like Liverpool wanting to play the victim card.

      Suarez is not in any shape or form the innocent party here. He plainly went about winding Evra up, and for all the protestations of endearing love, apparently used a term which he should have known was potentially beyond the line. The FA has found it was indeed beyond the line.

      LFC joined him at the hip when the allegations were made and when the verdict was announced went completely over the top in reaction. Liverpool Football Club plainly smeared and libelled Patrice Evra. If LFC has any integrity it should issue an apology to Evra for that, even if it thinks Suarez should not have lost the case. Its failure (so far) to do so makes it look like a sulky child who has just been told off.

      "I'm not sure I'd say sorry for doing what I thought was the right thing."

      I'm asking them to aologise for the libel. Surely you don't think that was the right thing? Even if it was done inadvertantly (which I'm sure it was) and we ignore the question of incompetence in the lack of checking (which we shouldn't) there is nothing to be lost from issuing an apology along the lines of "We apologise to Patrice Evra for inaccurately suggesting he had made earlier unfounded allegations of racism and regret this this untrue statement." Nothing to be lost at all except a bit of face. But if LFC is more interested in saving face than doing the right thing then your wondrous club with all its history will sink in the eyes of neutrals.


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