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  • Hobsey Hobsey Dec 22, 2011 11:28 Flag

    Cant score, wont score

    We arent a team in trouble by any means and we are certainly on the up. We have the best defence in the country right now and if it wasnt for a silly trip to Spurs it would be by a monstrous margin. We have plenty of possesion and look vibrant and full of energy to the death. The manager sets the team out well and everyone seems to be fighting for each other. There is however, a very telling statistic.

    Played 20 Scored 17

    That is quite frankly, a million miles away from a team that 'deserves' to be up near the top of the table. Laughably, a quick scroll to the bottom of the league will tell you that Blackburn have scored 24, Bolton 22, Sunderland 21, Norwich 27!, Newcastle 23. That is just teams below us! We have hit the woodwork 19 times and missed 4 penalties but something is clearly wrong at the businees end of the pitch!

    Another shocker is our top scorers list
    Suarez 5
    Adam 2
    Bellamy 2
    Carroll 2 (suprisingly good if anything!)
    Skrtel 2

    Thats a joke.

    We definitely lack a bit of guile in the final 3rd, it might be all part of the long term plan to build a solid platform then add the flair but realisticly, we need to do something this January.

    My suggestions (and the medias!) are at least 1 of the following

    We need something a little bit different, Maxi is our closest thing to a playmaker and we cant build a side around him. This post may sound a little negative but it isnt meant to be. The manager is doing a great job, the owners are doing a great job and so are most of the players on the pitch, we just need to go to the next step of our development.

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    • We have a large part of the answer already.
      Kuyt is a striker - read his bio; he was a 20+ goals a season man before he came to us and got stuffed out on the right wing.
      Gerrard is normally a double figures man and has scored 20+ in 3 of his last 6 seasons. In the last two seasons he has been messed about and only scored a total of 20. Let him get back to his free-ranging role in midfield (not that crappy "in the hole behind the striker" shyte he has been anchored with for the last two seasons) and wait for the results to flow.
      Admittedly both are now 31 but both are intelligent footballers who know where the back of the net is - just put them in the right spot and let them get on with it - FFS. Giggs is 38 and was just about MOTM last night against Fulham. Rush was 35 when he left us (perhaps one season too many) and even KD was 33 in his last really good goal scoring season for us.
      Oh and Suarez?
      While most of you seem to be expecting miracles from him you need to realize - apart from one amazing season at Ajax in 2009/10 where he popped more goals than appearances, he is generally an almost 20 goal a season player - but he makes lots of assists, too. He has TWO major skills, not just one. He needs a decent partner or two to bury some of those assists he makes. At the moment he is probably feeling the weight of expectation to score every goal for us - because others aren't doing the job as they are being played out of position (or are injured).

    • Its definitely a stat that is hard to ignore, and as you said in your opening does not fit with the overall job the side has been doing. The question is can we improve the goals stat without going out in January?

      One way to look at that question is to ask who is missing from that top scoring list. First off you'd expect to see the strikers to hit the majority of goals and before anyone jumps on Carroll, in proportion to the starts and overall minutes they are playing. Based on that, Carroll should be doing better (and I think can do better) but so could Suarez! He's started the majority of our league matches, played most of the time the full 90 or close to it, but still only come up with 5. Now maybe if just a few of those wood crushers had hit net we'd be better off, but its still a poor return compared with the top scores in the league.

      But the other glaring hole is the goals you'd expect the midfield to chip in with. No goals from Kuyt and none from Downing our nominal wide attacking players and our central midfield has Adam leading with 2 (does that include the goals he's created that might be classified as home goals?).

      It seems to me while bringing someone in January maybe an option, one or two new players is not going to make up for the lack of scoring from those already with us that I'd expect to be banging in more. But you also have to bear in mind those with us now are creating all those chances we're wasting, so dropping any of them may not solve the problem unless our chances created does not remain high.

      But another consideration is what is the likelihood of improvement from who we've already got. Can we expect Henderson and or Shelvey to step up a notch if they are going to play that attacking midfield role and start chipping in my goals? And, of course we've seen no production from Gerrrd as he's not been in the side, but if healthy do we not expext him to chip in?

      Do we expect Kuyt's drought to continue. He's been Johnnie on the spot coming up with critical goals for many seasons so not sure what we're seeing is a new normal or a blip. Downing is the other who while I think we all recognize even before he came to us was never going to be a prolific goal scorer, but can we expect he will help with a few in the second hand of the season. If not, will replacing him with a more proven goal scoring wide player take away what Downing does bring to the squad?

      Just food for thought.

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      • Dave, what exactly does Downing bring to the team, stats say he has 0 goals and 0 assists. I have the same stats as him and I am not even on the pitch.

        As for Charlie Adam, his free kicks and corners have been atrocious ever since he joined us and yesterday he conspired to deny us 3 points by taking that penalty. I thought Dirk was responsible for spot kicks in Gerrard's absence, of course he missed the last one against Everton but prior to that he had a perfect record.

        What I want to know is who died and appointed Charlie Adam chief?

    • Took the words right out of my mouth. I have been annoyed at people slating the team, and particularly Carroll, for drawing games but there is a very worrying pattern of dominating games and failing to score enough goals emerging. Actually more than emerging, it is well established. The thing is we have plenty of players who should be looking to get double figures in goals, but its just not happening for them. The penalty misses are very worrying and wouldn't be happening if players were confident and firing. Maybe more shooting practise is required in training?

      I don't like dreaming of transfer targets to solve our problems but it may well be necessary, especially if Suarez gets the ban, which we have to assume he will. We will have the same problem as we did in the summer though, big names don't want to come to non-champions league clubs. Some clever manoeuvring will be required I think to land us the next Torres.

    • hobitez, that stat alone doesn't tell the complete story.... like another poster just mentioned here, haven't we hit the woodwork and have 'looked' like scoring in most games? how about compiling the stats on our total attempts on goal, shots on target, etc. in comparison with the rest of the league? if those numbers are similar to the table leaders, then our answer is not the play-makers you suggest, but genuine finishers.... that would mean only one man as far as jose is concerned - lukas podolski.... the lad seems to have bounced back after his confidence-sapping spell at bayern and is scoring hatfuls again in a pretty ordinary fc koln side...... in any case, if the stats prove otherwise, that it is indeed a play-maker needed, then christian erikssen is the ticket... perhaps suarez will serve as an example of how an ajax lad can settle in well at anfield... obrigado friend!!

    • Good post. It's one thing that's been bugging me as well. Thing is I'm not sure what exactly the answer is. We are certainly creating more than enough chances to win games, they just aren't going in. Woodwork and keepers having great games. I keep saying to myself that someone is in for a right hiding one day but it doesn't seem to be coming.


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      • Add to the total of how many keepers have played out of their lives as well. Swansea Joe Harts amazing save against Carrolls header and loads more to boot.

        I think we've just been unlucky to have hit the woodwork as many times as we have simple as that. But another threat bought in the January transfer window wouldn't hurt. And any off that list would do very nicely thank you.

    • Bring on the January transfer market I say!!!!!