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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 22, 2011 17:26 Flag

    Cant score, wont score

    hobitez, that stat alone doesn't tell the complete story.... like another poster just mentioned here, haven't we hit the woodwork and have 'looked' like scoring in most games? how about compiling the stats on our total attempts on goal, shots on target, etc. in comparison with the rest of the league? if those numbers are similar to the table leaders, then our answer is not the play-makers you suggest, but genuine finishers.... that would mean only one man as far as jose is concerned - lukas podolski.... the lad seems to have bounced back after his confidence-sapping spell at bayern and is scoring hatfuls again in a pretty ordinary fc koln side...... in any case, if the stats prove otherwise, that it is indeed a play-maker needed, then christian erikssen is the ticket... perhaps suarez will serve as an example of how an ajax lad can settle in well at anfield... obrigado friend!!