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  • ajay ajay Dec 23, 2011 03:36 Flag

    Cant score, wont score

    We have a large part of the answer already.
    Kuyt is a striker - read his bio; he was a 20+ goals a season man before he came to us and got stuffed out on the right wing.
    Gerrard is normally a double figures man and has scored 20+ in 3 of his last 6 seasons. In the last two seasons he has been messed about and only scored a total of 20. Let him get back to his free-ranging role in midfield (not that crappy "in the hole behind the striker" shyte he has been anchored with for the last two seasons) and wait for the results to flow.
    Admittedly both are now 31 but both are intelligent footballers who know where the back of the net is - just put them in the right spot and let them get on with it - FFS. Giggs is 38 and was just about MOTM last night against Fulham. Rush was 35 when he left us (perhaps one season too many) and even KD was 33 in his last really good goal scoring season for us.
    Oh and Suarez?
    While most of you seem to be expecting miracles from him you need to realize - apart from one amazing season at Ajax in 2009/10 where he popped more goals than appearances, he is generally an almost 20 goal a season player - but he makes lots of assists, too. He has TWO major skills, not just one. He needs a decent partner or two to bury some of those assists he makes. At the moment he is probably feeling the weight of expectation to score every goal for us - because others aren't doing the job as they are being played out of position (or are injured).