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  • Jason Jason Dec 23, 2011 18:32 Flag

    Happy Holidays to ALL !

    It's been a long while since I've been here to post, gosh maybe over a month unfortunately, but I see that all the regulars are still here and some new additions which is good to see. I hope to be among the banter again routinely very soon..

    In having said that, looking at what's happening with the drama around our club, the league and the sport in general it's a real shame in general, especially this time of year a topic like this is overshadowing so many good things and popping it's ugly head into daily discussion .. I hate it.

    Moving on, I'm looking for a big, BIG victory for the Red Men vs Rovers this weekend, and by big, I mean 1.5 - 0 (every post is .25)! And in that, I would like to wish all my friends, fellow Red supporters, rivals, and even the ones who need a bar of soap to wash their mouth's with, a very Happy Holiday Season with family and friends, regardless of what you celebrate and an even better New Year! Hope to get involved in all the banter again shortly..

    Cheers & YNWA - Jason

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    • Happy holidays to you too Jason and to everyone else out there. It has been a long time since we have seen you on the board, welcome back.

      I am with you with regards to what is happening especially off the field for Liverpool, I wish we cold just concentrate on the football and leave the off field dramas to less classy teams.

      Hope we thrash Blackburn too, would love a 4-0 scoreline myself.

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      • Hi Mel,

        Thanks for the well wishes, all the best to you and yours. Glad to participate again. Had a little emergency with hospital/surgery and that nonsense, so I had to get myself sorted for a while.

        To be honest, I did peek in time to time, but I am just so exhausted of all of this, even with other players/clubs in the prem and while I have my thoughts, just really don't want to speak on it anymore.

        Anyhow, yes, though I've thought so quite a few times over the last handful of fixtures, like Johnson said, we'd put a hurting on someone goals wise and Villa looked a good start to that, no disrespect to Wigan, but I thought it would carry over and certainly didn't. So, knock on wood, (or hit woodwork) I truly expect Rovers and poor Keane to get it... I hope!!