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  • Havin_A_Red_Day_? Havin_A_Red_Day_? Dec 27, 2011 11:22 Flag

    Lets give a hand to.........

    There we go at least we were not beaton.... Thank you MAXI!!!!!

    Hopefully with our captin back he can inspire the lads to really threat the oppositions net, I totally agree with the other post that said as soon as he came on we were much more attack focused.

    Lets hope Steven can stay fit and provide that sublime finishshing quality he has, still we are in desperate need of another finisher in our squad.

    We have bin mightley unlucky so far but our talisman is back!!!!


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    • So we're going back to relying on Steve to win games for us again?

      Come on we've gotta get rid of the average players..

      Those that don't perform should be got rid of..

      Maxi is getting on so is Gerrard..

      Suarez is a hit and miss striker and Carroll is worse.. he's striker that doesn't score goals..

      Time now we wield the axe and clear some out in January..

      Henderson, Carroll, Adam, Downing, Kuyt...

      Should be got rid of..

      Whats the point in having depth when the depth you have is a team of very average players..

      Our results are proof our team is nigh on useless if we're to win the league..

      Look at Man Utd. They play a team of kids yet still won 5-0..

      Yet we play the bottom team in the league and only scrape a draw..

      It's simply not good enough..

      I know many of you will harp on and say "support another team then!!".. Are we happy in having a club we love so much.. and have a crappy squad..

      I read that Mouriniho is planning to come back to the EPL..

      Lets get him.or at least make enquiries...

      He's a man who knows how to win..

      Kenny has had enough time to bed in now and look where we are? Ok we're 6th in the league but we should be doing much better..

      Dare I say it? Kenny maybe has been out of management for too long? Surely we could get better players?

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      • "at least we didn`t lose", get real. If Liverpool are to have a chance at 4th place they should be beating teams like Blackburn both home and away. And LFC armchair is right, the Liverpool squad isn`t good enough. You have some excellent players like Suarez but very little quality backup, especially upfront. For the life of me I will never understand why after getting £50m for Torres Liverpool blew the majority of it on one unproven player. Potential is fine but when competing for the top 4 you need a little more than that. A combination of someone like Forlan for experience and an up and coming player like Wickham would have been a better use of the money. The bottom line is Dalglish inherited a squad that needed, and still needs, a major overhaul and that doesn`t happen overnight. I also think its a little too early to pass judgment on those players who signed in the summer as even players with Premier League experience need time to adjust especially when joining a big club. Of the new signings I would say that Adam has been the pick of the bunch and it will be interesting to see how he fits in alongside Gerrard.

      • Armchair, I missed this post before, and maybe I wish I'd not seen it now, but really do think you need to sit down and think this through.

        I get it your frustrated, we all are, but tossing out your toys is not the answer, or in this case tossing out most of what has made us a better (the manager and the new players) as a team.

        Couple things to think about: While you’re unhappy or frustrated with where we are, think about where we were just over a year ago. If you can't remember this time last year we'd just lost to Newcastle and then went down to Wolves at home. We were languishing in the bottom half of the table a few points away from the relegation spots, and it was obvious our manager had no good ideas of how to improve things, other than to rub his face and wish he were somewhere else. Now think what got us out of that mess?

        Now maybe the squad that Kenny has built up in almost a year is not yet good enough to get us where you want us to be, but it has been good enough to move us forward, and considering a good part of the squad (much of the part you’d like axed btw) it yet to, or has only just hit its prime, who knows how much further forward it can take us.

        Second, how long do you think it takes to turn a club around? I don't play video games, but I get the impression some think it’s just a matter of buying the latest game and all will be better. In the real world a football club needs to be nurtured, especially when it’s fallen on hard times. Even with near limitless spending it's only now that City are title contenders. People think they've been an overnight success, but let me remind you the Arabs actually bought the club in 2008, so that is an overnight success that has taken more than 3 years.

        But you’re complaining that we've just not progressed fast enough in little over a year of new ownership, and less than a year of new management and playing staff. Going from relegation spot to 3 points off of a Champions League spot is just not good enough!