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  • dainius dainius Dec 27, 2011 20:14 Flag

    Lets give a hand to.........

    hello guys.i totaly agree,Maxi got to be in every game,and so Bellamy,cos they are the only ones can score these days.as Suarez will be out for ban we need cold blooded striker,yes and i would like Torres back.what about our new tallents?-Suso,Sterling and Morgan? why we can have em in the team give em a chance to shine and who knows.any way we just stuck in 6 place.another thing i donl like why KK changin team so much in every game?our defence is top class

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    • we're still only 3 points off 4th place. we aren't playing badly at all, and seem to come up against goalkeepers in the form of their lives, or posts and cross bars that are a bit too fat. calling for the sale of young players in their first season like henderson is more than premature, its idiocy. We are in the process of building, while the teams just above us, like arsenal and chelsea are just in the process of falling apart. we could do with a strong poaching striker, but other than that im not too worried yet.