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  • Havin_A_Red_Day_? Havin_A_Red_Day_? Dec 26, 2011 23:10 Flag

    Lets give a hand to.........

    ........Maxi Rodriguez!!!!!!

    God damn Maxi what would we do without you???

    Once again you score that crucial goal that knocked out chelsea from the league cup, stole 3 hard urned points from them and finaly(thank god) got us on level ground with the lowest team in the premiership and to what could have bin a major major upset.

    Heres to you lad.....

    Maxi Rodriguez YNWA

    (I love the bloke in a non literal sence)

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    • Hmm it's still a "major upset" cos we drew with the bottom team..

      We should've thrashed them.. it's not as if we can afford to draw games is it?

    • hello guys.i totaly agree,Maxi got to be in every game,and so Bellamy,cos they are the only ones can score these days.as Suarez will be out for ban we need cold blooded striker,yes and i would like Torres back.what about our new tallents?-Suso,Sterling and Morgan? why we can have em in the team give em a chance to shine and who knows.any way we just stuck in 6 place.another thing i donl like why KK changin team so much in every game?our defence is top class

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      • we're still only 3 points off 4th place. we aren't playing badly at all, and seem to come up against goalkeepers in the form of their lives, or posts and cross bars that are a bit too fat. calling for the sale of young players in their first season like henderson is more than premature, its idiocy. We are in the process of building, while the teams just above us, like arsenal and chelsea are just in the process of falling apart. we could do with a strong poaching striker, but other than that im not too worried yet.

    • I wish people would calm down a little and think things through. We were in a bad way and I agree the squad still lacks quality BUT you must remember that it's very fine lines that can make or break a season. What if we'd converted some of the chances that had hit the woodwork etc? We'd be sitting a lot higher and mighty. I agree the lack of goals is a real worry but I'd be more worried if we weren't creating chances. There's three ways to go about squad building nowadays in this money driven, player power environment.

      1. Throw masses of money at it like City
      2. Be very very patient and build from youth
      3. Look for the value players (moneyball etc.)

      I can see we've done a bit of all three but theres' a definate slant towards the last 2 now. We will need new blood but not in the big hurry that people are shouting about here. It needs to be done right and over time. Every squad has a balance of players ranging from real quality through to the hard workers and squad men. Even City have those. Man Utd have players like Fletcher. Hardly a player that will set the world on fire but yet they've still missed his contribution. I'm still a little angry at Benitez and his ego spoiling what we had with Alonso. Oh how we've missed him.

      We aren't leaking too many goals so that side is good but we do need to find a way of getting our current squad and any new additions onto the score sheet. Now is not the time to panic but to think it through and make the right decisions. For the first time in a very long time the club has a solid feel and a togetherness about it. No silly press rumours or stories of internal battles.

    • I agree; I think he's one of those players that can generally be relied on to give that bit extra to the team when he plays. 'Tis a pity he is in the twilight years of his playing career now.

    • enrique has been d best of the signing but actually thatz not LFC's problem now,downing does great when he is playing,likewise adams,bellamy,maxi and the rest but i really think we need to give carrol more playing time to get back on track cos i think he is a great player and has not been himself since he came back from injury so letz support this lad cos he might just be our miracle like drogba in chelsea,we all know how he started there and what he is today.