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    When will the penny drop. Carroll will never improve. Henderson mediocre. Downing and Adam average. Suarez may go for 8 games. Poor United Spurs and Arsenal putting together win after win especially against bottom teams. Liverpool have no top strikers never mind reserve ones. Dalglish is motivating the team but you can't make mostly average midfield and forwards win matches. Fourth place is out of reach. United are nearly twenty points ahead and it's only half way.

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    • theres always the possibility of dropping carroll playing kuyt and bellamy up front with gerrard in behind downing and maxi on the wings adam and henderson in midfield and a back four of enrique agger skrtel and johnson sort of in this order

      bellamy kuyt


      maxi downing


      enrique agger skrtel johnson


      only works if we play the diamond formation thats the team i would like to see play for a couple of games good solid defence two great wingers with pace with the option for bellamy to go out wide and let maxi link up with kuyt up top and downing on his natural side means he doesn,t have to come inside all the time to cross the ball these problems solve themselves when you just think about it for a minute well thats my two cents worth

      YNWA JFT 96

    • Shut up tw@t!

    • Seems to me your post might be a bit of a laughing stock. One of your poorest wind ups in a while.

      Still only 3 points off 4th. Disappointed with result yesterday but so far with only utd from the top six getting a win not the end of the world.

    • You have a fair point..

      So whats your suggestion?

      Sell them all?