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  • Havin_A_Red_Day_? Havin_A_Red_Day_? Dec 28, 2011 14:18 Flag

    Barnes recommends........Gonzalo Higuain!!

    What does everyone think of barnesy recommending Higuaine from Real Madrid???

    I recon it could be very expensive and mabe impossible if the player himself doesnt fancy it but could possibley be our next Nando Torres......

    Sounds a little to much like the same situation we had in january where we thought we were getting the complete package with carroll last January.....

    Could it be worth our while putting all our eggs in one basket or would you buy a few more players for cheaper who could be bargaines or complete wastes of spaces....

    What would you do in Kennys position????

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    • ...this guy is all over the papers in spain and i saw him when i lived there...hes good.

      ...but your better off paying £15M for Defoe and £25m for Adam Johnson
      Both clubs will bite your arm off

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      • Johnson I'd take in a second, although with Downing already at the club I would prefer a right footed winger rather than two left footers who like to play on the opposite side. But with Johnson behind him he could be very effective.

        Defoe I'm not so sure on however. 29 is not old, but it’s getting up there, and he's been injury prone. He also does not like to sit and he'd basically be a back up competing for a spot. He definitely knows where the back of the net is, but not sure it’s a good match for either him or us. He wants games to force himself into Capello's plans, but think he'll get more minutes at Spurs than he would with us.

    • That could be part of the equation. Hazard was one I'd like to see come in, but heard a rumor City offered him ridiculous money to come on January only to be loaned back to the Lille until the end of the season. But according to the players manager he only had eyes for Madrid, no matter what money City throw his way.

      That may not be the best news for us, but if Madrid is interested in taking him that could leave someone surplus to requirements we could hook. Hazard is obviously not a direct replacement for Higuaine, but if he is on the outs already this could push him just a little more.

      But being realistic none of this is likely in January. Higuaine is not likely to want out of a club that has a strong shout at winning the CL until the end of the season, unless he's really unhappy. If he is however, it makes no difference coming to us or a club still in the CL as he'd be cup tied. But so would Hazard, and Lille are still involved, so I doubt he'd go anywhere, unless he could get a deal where the receiving club loans him back till the end of the season.

    • First of all,if I were Kenny I would suggest you ask the Jobcentre to put you on an Adult Literacy course.
      Then I would inform our friends in New England that the Anfield job is above my capabilities and insist that they are contractually obliged to give me a big fat off.

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      • He was rumoured in the summer and I think there was some truth in it. Apparently the deal fell through because of his wages and because KK wanted to see how Carroll would develop. However, we all know that we need results and Carroll is not our immediate solution, therefore, the green light may be on again.

        According to a report, Henry is willing to give KK 100m to spend with the objective of getting to the top 4. This is still a realistic target considering we are just 4 points behind Chelsea. Also because of the Euro crisis, some clubs may be more willing to negotiate.

    • If only cole could land us Hazard and we get Higuaine........

    • Buy him, get it done. We will undoubtedly sign the young irish kid instead!

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      • If he is well and truly available, then he would be the easy # 1 choice of the endless amounts of strikers rumored, but also the most expensive. I'd guess around 30M, and I don't even know if FSG would fund it, having seen the return on AC..

        Also, Fail Madrid are asking 22M for Kaka who is far past his best, while Higuain is 24, not even in his prime and on 14 goals already in limited action..