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    Suarez 'Doesn't Talk to Blacks'

    LONDON (AP) -Newly published evidence from the Football Association says that Liverpool striker Luis Suarez called Manchester United's Patrice Evra a "negro'' seven times in the incident that led to him being banned for eight matches.

    The report by an independent commission says when Evra asked Suarez during the October match why he had been kicked, the striker replied in Spanish: "Porque tu eres negro,'' which translates as "because you are black.''

    Evra said he would punch Suarez if he repeated the comment to which Suarez said: "No hablo con los negros'' - "I don't speak to blacks.''

    Linguistic experts were used by the FA to assess how abusive Suarez's language was.

    The FA says Suarez has pledged "he will not use the word 'negro' on a football pitch in England in the future.''

    Fellow racists like Dsteer should enjoy hearing this.

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