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  • Layla Layla Jan 1, 2012 18:00 Flag

    A good weekend for us

    i still think its going to be so close between us,u,arsenal & chelsea for 3rd-6th. any of us could finish 3rd or 6th.

    key players getting injured, a bit of luck with refs & rub of the green etc will play a key role too.

    i think kenny has made u really solid & building from the back.
    if all does shots that hit the woodwork were turned into goals, u would be in top 4.

    gerrard shows the difference he makes already to u & carroll.
    so keeping him fit will be important.

    i also think keeping both skrtel & agger fit is important. they both are playing well & have a good combo. i know u have decent carragher as back up but he is on his last legs & coates is untried yet.

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    • I really think spurs will finish 3rd i can see a fight between liverpool, arsenal and chelsea for 4th i think spurs are too good harry is a amazing manager i hope he manages england after euro 2012.


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      • YNWA is that a dig at me......... Your Not Welcome Anymore.
        worst joke of 2012 so far.

        aw thanks for the praise to my spurs! im quite negative so i would settle for 4th spot now because i know we could end up as low as 6th (no offence) if we get a few key players injuried etc.

        harry is a very good manager & i think he would be great for england. but im torn on that 1. i love both spurs & england.