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  • Hobsey Hobsey Jan 4, 2012 12:53 Flag

    Team to face Oldham?

    We play City away mid week so a Friday night FA cup game with them hosting United on Sunday 'may' work in our favour even though it didnt last time out! City rested players against Sunderland to play against us but I doubt they will be doing that against United!


    Subs: Doni, Henderson, Spearing, Flanagan, Downing, Adam, Skrtel

    My thinking is that Reina could do with a game quickly to sort his head.
    I would like to see Stevie start and play 45-60 mins and be ready to start at City next week.
    Adam needs a rest, he has played too much recently and it shows.
    Carroll needs to keep playing and if he cant find the net here then there is trouble!
    If anything I wouldnt mind seeing Spearing get another run and go 4-3-3, I guess this is quite likely as both Stevie and Jonjo are in the same mould.

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    • I'd go with that, but just a thought would be to use this as a training exercise. What I mean by that is getting Gerrard and Henderson a full 90 (or at least the first 45-60 minutes) behind Carroll to help them build up some chemistry.

      I'd agree with Reina, he should not be tired, and the best thing for his head is to get right back out there. Skrtel and Agger deserve a rest, so I'm good with the back line.

      Only other thought, and it came from a mention from the ESPN commentators last night that there is a worry on how regularly Bellamy can play, which would explain why he rarely gets consecutive starts, and maybe why Mancini was so willing to let him go. But as he is obviously a positive force for us, so if that is the case we need to make sure we get the best out of him, so not sure we need him against Oldham but may against City. Therefore how about giving Kuyt a chance up front with Carroll. He could benefit immensely from a goal as I worry he's got a mental block getting past the 50 mark.

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      • Agreed, Gerrard needs a bit extra time so lets treat it like prep for City on Wednesday night. Carroll 100% needs the game and henderson is improving all the time.

        Maybe give Bellamy a 30 min cameo late on. I guess your right and Kuyt should start up front with Andy as he needs some sort of confidence boost, he isnt adapting well to being a rotated member.

    • I'm glad we have another game so quickly, there is a lot of negativity atm, lets do what the coach's and players will be doing and look ahead to the next game.

      Agree with your defensive line up, we are lucky to such a solid second string defence. Wouldn't mind if Doni or Jones was given a start though. I don't think there is any point risking Gerrard at the start, last thing we want is an Oldham player to get carried away and give him a knock. I think it is really important that we use early cup games to give young players a chance, we can't always rely on the transfer market.... obviously! Sterling, Kuyt and Maxi can all swap around, would like to see Maxi in the number 10 role more though.