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  • Time to get torres back or ngog for that matter, anyone but carroll, he is slow and very one dimensional.
    lets face it he does not want to be at anfield. Fact

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    • Ermm Wenger has a tough job like we do.. we've not got a sugar daddy like Chelsea & Man City has..

      We can't just go out and buy the best players in the world on a whim.. Nor can Arsenal..

    • You're certainly a cheerleader for him. You'll know that most of the Arsenal fans on the Arsenal board can't wait to see the back of him. They think, with some justification, that Arsenal not winning anything since 2005 shows he has taken Arsenal backwards. It's like how it was on this board in Benitez' last year. And his last trophy was more recent than Wenger's.


    • As you can see below, he has Rob.

      League championship winners: 1998, 2002, 2004

      FA Cup winners: 1998, 2002, 2003, 2005,

      Voted 'Manager of the Year': 1998, 2002, 2004

      You need to remember that Wenger is competing against clubs like Chelsea, City and Man U who can afford to buy their way to the top. Obviously, his hands are tied behind his back.

      Arsenal's "self-sustaining business model means Arsenal's future success is secured unlike Chelsea's, City's, etc. Even if the current owners decided to leave, we'd still have our beloved club in one piece unlike the doomsday scenario and the uncertainties which surround your lot.

      What price trophies ey?

    • I sincerely doubt we'll be getting Torres back...

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      • Which one is the worst, Carroll, Ngog or Torres?

        Torres is now the #3 striker for Chelsea behind Sturridge and Drogba. He was diabolic before departing Anfield for Stamford Bridge, but now spent most of the time warming up the bench with a £50M price tag over his head. He scored 3 goals for Chelsea in the last 12 months from 29 appearances.

        I have never rated Ngog highly when he was with LFC. His first touch was terrible then. I can't be sure whether he has improved in the last few months, because he has also been warming up the bench with Bolton. Yes, he scored two goals for Bolton this season after 15 appearances.

        Carroll has scored twice for us in 18 appearance. Statistically, all three of them are neck-and-neck. I will not toss a baby out of hot water and cherish the bird I already have then chasing the water under the bridge.

        Look at the bright side. Bellamy has been the best signing for us in 2011 summer. He is far far better than Ngog. Suarez has been wonderful. Allthough he is quite wasteful in scoring, but we are yet to see him partnering with Gerrard. Just have to wait for another 8 matches for it.

    • Come to think of it, I do remember Carroll just after we signed him saying that he had not wanted to leave Newcastle and that he had been more or less forced into the move.

      Guess that explains the lack of interest.

    • If he didn't wanna be here then why sign for us?? He obviously wanted to come or he'd have signed to go elsewhere.. A gun wasn't put to his head that he must come here..

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      • Can't make judgement on the lad in the short time he's been given. What I saw in the Man City game was a man isolated and not dealing very well with the.....not powerful crosses with evil intent...... but weak crosses that were never going to suceed. Some strikers do very well on their own up front , Andy apparently does not. The only man that sends hard dangerous balls in to Carroll is our Steven. More of this may solve the problem. At any rate , rather than attacking our lad why not give a nod to City's defense , which is quite impressive. A bit of patience , Rome wasn't built in a day.

        Now that the FA has succedded in their one-sided campaign to punish Luis Suarez our club shall have to make do without his services for another seven matches. I reckon that anything short of having poor Luis drawn and quartered....and disbanding Liverpool FC.....won't be enough for the lunatics. Kenny Dalglish has the right response , move on. Seems that the screaming loons won't be satisfied with anything so why worry about them? Good on Kenny , the voice of reason.

        Regarding Fernando Torres , I wish the lad only success. He was a good Red and a faithful servant of this club. ( When I say success I mean against everyone but us ). Give up any notion of him coming back.....this is never going to happen.